Tj Maxx Jewelry Return Policy

Here we will see about the Tj Maxx Jewelry Return Policy


TJ Maxx is a departmental store chain based in America and is extremely popular among its consumers for offering goods at prices that are generally lower than those of their competitors. Founded in 1976 by Bernard Cammarata, the company has undergone tremendous growth in the past four decades to become the largest off-price retailer in the United States as of today. TJ Maxx is a subsidiary of the TJX companies, with the former also being the owner of other notable brands like TK Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra, etc. 

Tj Maxx Jewelry Return Policy

TJ Maxx offers free returns on all of its jewelry products purchased online, up to 40 days from the original purchase date. For offline purchases, however, the time limit stands at 30 days. The merchandise needs to be returned along with the original bill and all the tags kept intact. 

Procedure to return a jewelry item at TJ Maxx:

The process to be followed to return an item to a TJ Maxx store is simple. The steps that need to be followed for online/offline returns have been given below:

  • For online returns: Login to your account and head over to the “My Orders” section. You need to select which of the products purchased is to be returned. Select it and proceed to the returns page. Schedule a pickup date and fill up the other details correctly. And finally, click on “Confirm”. A delivery executive should be picking up your item soon enough.
  • For offline returns: The process is simpler than the online return process. Walk into a TJ Maxx store with the item that is to be returned and hand over the item to a worker at the store. You need not worry anymore! The entire return process would now be taken care of by the executive at the store.

In both cases, the customer needs to ensure that they keep the original bill safe and all the original tags need to be kept intact. Return requests might be rejected if the items are found to be used/torn.

Time required for returns: Once an item has been received at the store, it usually takes around 10 days for the refund amount to be accredited to the user’s bank account. However, if one opts to take the refund in form of gift cards, then, they would receive the gift card within 2 days from the date of receipt of the item. This is the reason why many users prefer to take gift cards, which can later be used for paying at any TJ Maxx store.

Cost for returns: There are no additional charges that apply when someone opts to send a jewelry product for return/refund. The delivery executives would pick the item up from the address and the request would be processed as soon as the item is received at the stores. In case of offline returns, one can simply walk into a store and hand over the item that is to be returned. No additional charges would apply unless the items to be returned are too big, and that is generally not the case for jewelry items. 


Thus, we have seen in this article that TJ Maxx offers free returns on all of its products up to 30/40 days (depending on the purchase being offline/online) and jewelry items are no exception to that. If the customers face any difficulty during the process, they are free to contact the customer care executives at the company. The matter would be looked into with immediate attention and the customer would be kept informed. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question. Why does TJ Maxx not have jewelry stocks at all of its stores?

The reason behind this is that jewelry items are expensive. As such, the market for these items is somewhat restricted to bigger cities and towns. TJ Maxx sells jewelry only at those stores where the market is profitable enough for jewelry sales.

Question. Does TJ Maxx sell second-hand goods? 

The answer to this question is a big no. The company’s stocks are all manufactured by actual companies and TJ Maxx purchases those products first-hand from the manufacturers. The low prices of the products at the stores have led people to ask this question, but TJ Maxx uses completely legal ways to acquire their products.

Question. How is TJ Maxx different from TK Maxx?

They are not. Both of them are companies that are owned by the same TJX group and share identical logos. The idea behind the stores is the same as well with the prices being cheaper among all the competitors. TJ Maxx is the name used in the United States, while the brand is known as TK Maxx in the UK. There was already a store with the name of TJ Hughes at the time TJ Maxx had come to the UK. To avoid any confusion, it was decided that the brand be known as TK Maxx in the country.

Tj Maxx Jewelry Return Policy

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