What is Joann Return Policy?

Sometimes when you order a product, you get the opposite of your order or the product arrives in a bad condition. Luckily for some of us, stores have adapted by having an easy and stress-free returns policy.

Joann Return Policy

Joann is one of those stores with a stress-free returns policy. The store has a great array of products and fabrics, but it can happen that you order something that doesn’t suit you or your order returns damaged. So how will you address the issue?

Here’s everything we’ve found out so far about Joann’s returns policy and its attendant limitations.

What is Joann’s Return Policy?

Joann’s return policy is structured to facilitate an easy and stress-free experience for customers. 

For your return request to be successful, start the process in the first 90 days of purchase, and the product has to be in the exact state it was bought in. This means you must not have tampered with the packaging, the product itself, or willfully damaged the product. If any of this happens, your return is in danger of being denied.

In order to make returns easier and more favorable, Joann returns policy allows you to return products without presenting receipt of purchase. There’s also a separate return policy for international orders.

How Can You Return Products to Joann?

There are two methods by which you can process a return of Joann products. They are:

1. In person

2. Mail

For in-person returns, this is the preferred policy for those that bought the product in-store. Here, you stop by the store where you bought the product from to start the return process. It should be noted that online shoppers can also return products bought online, in person. To do this, they just have to visit the nearest Joann store with a valid photo ID.

Returns by mail are only available for those that bought their product from the online store. If you choose this route, all you need to start the process is provided in the original product package. You will find it in the packing slip, the return address and the return form which you will need to fill out and mail back.

Alternative steps to process returns for online purchases

1. Open Joann’s website on your browser

2. Click on the contact us widget

3. Scroll to My Question section

4. Return items

5. Then put in your order number 

Once this step is completed, you will receive a label number you can use on the package you are returning as a sort of reference number. Note, this step is also to be used for international returns. However, international customers will bear the shipping costs by themselves.

Does Joann Accept All Returns?

For your return request to be valid, the product has to be in good condition or the condition in which it was delivered to you. It is advisable to return within the first 90 days of purchase, as it reduces the chances of the product getting worse than its original condition.

Joann accepts all products back, except those that have been tampered with or worn. The store also does not accept returned custom-made goods, unless the order arrives flawed or damaged. If you want to order a customized product, you should first order a sample in order to be sure of your order.

The same applies to bulk purchases made at Joann stores. The store does not allow returns for goods that are purchased in bulk.

What Is Joann’s Refund Policy?

Joann offers a generous refund policy for returns. The options available to you include:

1. Refund

2. Exchange

3. Store credit.

If you paid for your goods in cash or through debit card payment, you will get your refund in the same manner. If you purchased using a gift card, Joann will not refund in cash, but by issuing you a new gift card. 

For returns that are processed without receipts, Joann will provide you with the option of either getting an exchange or a store credit. If you choose to get the credit, your refund will be the product’s lowest market price in the last 90 days.

Can You Return Fabrics To Joann?

Joann accepts fabrics back, but they have to be in the same condition they were bought. They must not have been washed, cut, or damaged. If you return the fabrics along with a receipt for proof, Joann will provide you with a full refund.


The returns policy at Joann is relatively simple and comfortable for customers. They also have a very favorable refund policy. 


1. Does Joann accept fabrics back?

Ans: Yes, you can return fabrics as long as they are in good condition.

2. Can I return the product via email?

Ans: No, you can’t. Products can be returned by mail or personally in-store.

3. Will Joann accept an item without a receipt?

Ans: Yes, but you should come with a valid photo ID.

What is Joann Return Policy?

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