Officeworks Return Policy-Know More

Officeworks is a sequence of a variety of office goods stores that operates under Wesfarmers Company. Coles Myer established the company in 1994. It is Australia’s top online store for office products such as stationery, laptops, and different office furniture. A return policy is a set of regulations that a company creates. This is done to manage the process by which customers exchange or return, buying products that are defective or not in a quality that they thought the product was in.

Officeworks Return Policy

The Officeworks Return Policy

Officeworks Company is always in line with customers concerning the return of items. This means that the refund policy only works when there is payment like the original purchase. Moreover, money that has been used to purchase a certain item is refunded to the same account that was used to make the payment and is done within a timeframe of 30 working days. 

In a scenario where there is no evidence of a credit card that is attached to the original purchase, the whole return process will be dealt with by the use of a Gift Card offered by the Officeworks. The company has a return policy on most of the payment methods apart from a few that include PayPal, Flexiworks, and Flypay. Where the return is accepted at Officeworks are;

  • Credit Card
  • Union pay
  • Zip pay or Zip money
  • Afterpay

Types Of Officeworks Return Policies

There are a variety of return policies that have different rules and regulations in the Officeworks Company. The major methods include;

Store credit

This type of policy indicates that when a customer is not satisfied with a certain good, they are to return the specific items then get a credit for the amount used to purchase the item but with a shipping cost that is less.

Complete Refunds

It happens when a customer purchases the items with a credit card. Herein, the company will have to return and pay some processing fees that lead to an increase in the amount that will be paid for the return. 

Exchange Only

This is the easiest return policy that entails simple rules that are made. When a customer returns a product, the store simply replaces the item or offers a different one, but that has the same value.

All Sales Final

This is a policy that saves someone money in a short-term scenario. This protects the company during the shipping of merchandise that may incur damage. Moreover, this also applies to customers who tend to be indecisive. When selling items online, no customer would want to purchase a product they have not seen or can’t be returned. 

Term And Condition Of Officeworks Return Policy

The online business of Officeworks comes with guarantees that are eligible to their consumers. Therefore, customers have the power to cancel a selected item and also get a full or half refund of their cash. Furthermore, if an item has been purchased and does not meet the required standards of the client, the company accepts the return of the products with a period of not more than 30 days.

An item can only be returned if it’s of the same condition as it was at the time of purchase. The original identification receipt must be provided before an item is accepted by the company. When a client has ordered a product and paid for it, it has been marked and confirmed ready for pickup. Officeworks Company is only eligible to hold the items for not more than 30 days. 

The company only returns specific items and does not allow the return of the following products;

  • Mobile phones, gift cards, and iTunes cards
  • Copy products and custom prints
  • Downloadable materials and any other software
  • Special and specific orders
  • Activated services like the prepaid business


Officeworks’ return policy is fair and customer-friendly. Goods can be returned as long as the policy terms are followed and proof of the purchase is seen. Moreover, Officeworks has the right to decline a refund or an exchange that is viewed as faulty or misused. The company is keen when it comes to customers’ privacy and data. To make things easier, customers should ensure that they have understood the return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Officeworks collect personal information from someone?

The purpose of that is to verify the identification of a customer returning an item

2. Does the company refund a delivery fee? 

Yes. There is a refundable fee if a customer requests the amount used.

3. How does a return policy work when one has used Afterpay?

The client contacts the customer service team or returns the item after understanding the returned Officeworks application policy.

Officeworks Return Policy-Know More

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