Macy’s Money- Everything You Need To Know

Frequenters at Macy’s are encouraged to take full advantage of their deals and promotions. You never know what exactly you are missing out on if you choose to pass on them. Whether you decide to shop online or in-store, depending on the timing, there is always a wave of deals for Macy’s frequenters to get absorbed into. We are talking about various deals and rewards that vary depending on timing and promotional events. However, this article specifically refers to Macy’s Money. Something informational has been put together to help newcomers and anyone looking to give it a try understands what Macy’s Money is and how it works. 

Macys Money

What is Macy’s Money?

It is a rewards system the store has in place for limited periods. Think of it as a promotional event. When the event is one, customers are given credits in the form of a reward card, every time they spend a certain amount within the store. For the duration of the event, customers earn rewards off most purchases.

The rewards only keep coming in for as long as the promotion is ongoing. Shoppers need to keep in mind that the promotion does not just run for the entirety of the year. It only happens during specific periods, as the store decides. 

How Do I Spend Macy’s Money?

You use it by spending the credits on items within the store. Once you earn the credits, you are free to spend them on an item of your choosing. However, you only have a certain period to be able to cash in the credits. This is called the redemption period.

There is always a variety of items to spend Macy’s Money on and most products qualify if you want to spend the credit on. This works both online and in-store.

How Do I Know How Much Macy Money I Have Left?

You can check your balance online via the main site. Accessing your details requires you to create an account. Once you have done that, you will have access to your details, including an online wallet that displays your Macy’s Money balance. 

Every time you shop in-store or online, your information is updated. Creating an online account is simple. All you have to do is visit the main site and sign in or create an account. From then on you have access to your account details and balance online from any location.

What are Macy’s Star Rewards?

Macy Star Rewards is a separate program from Macy Money Rewards. You earn Macy Money during Macy Money promotional events. Macy Star Rewards are earned during Star Money Days, which are separate promotional events. 

How Long Do I Have Until the Credits Expire?

You have until the end of the redemption period to spend your credits. Once the redemption period passes, credits become invalid. Star Money typically expires 30 days after it is first received.

Are Any of the Two Refundable?

Star Money can be refunded, but not in cash. Once you purchase an item, it can be returned and the amount spent will be returned in the form of store credit. Store credit comes in the form of a gift card or a gift certificate.

Once you buy something with Macy Money, you can return it. However, the amount you earned will decrease and the value of the reward card also decreases.

Can Store Credits Be Redeemed Anywhere Else?

The rewards earned at Macy’s can only be redeemed at Macy’s. They each have a limited time to be put into use and can only be earned once a customer acquires a certain number of points. 

What Benefits Do the Rewards Programs Offer?

For something like the Star Money program, it depends on what sort of membership a customer has. It all depends on how much you spend. Some of the benefits on offer include free shipping, coupons, discounts, and reward returns for your rewards card depending on how much you choose to spend. 

Accessing rewards through an online account makes it easy to stay updated on new offers, store events, and special offers. Accessing your information becomes a quick and easy process, as you can do so from any location at your convenience. 


Macy’s offers several benefits to pique your interest. With all those options available, it is hard to believe you would not be able to find something that suits you just fine. The reward cards come as a convenient way to stack up savings. There is a host of promotional events and special sales for customers to take advantage of. Accompanying all that is a well-placed system set up to help customers keep better track of where they are and how best to take advantage of the benefits. Hopefully, this article proves to be useful for anyone wishing to learn more about Macy’s Money reward system.

Macy’s Money- Everything You Need To Know

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