Does Macy’s gift card expire?

Macy’s is a department store chain headquartered in New York, the United States of America. They have a diverse selection of products, including clothing, bedding, footwear, jewelry, beauty products among others. Macy’s is a popular classic store known for having good quality products at reasonably based prices. They attract all kinds of people – different age groups, genders and from different places. They have their loyal customers too, as they have been in business since the nineteenth century.

Does Macy’s gift card expire?

Gift cards are prepaid cards given by a store. Customers who frequently buy from that store will find it very useful. Gift cards, as hinted by the name, are also used as gifts for various occasions. They are handy and can be used by anyone. The stress of choosing a gift goes away with the concept of gift cards.  Macy’s sells their brand’s gift cards, which can be purchased online or in their physical stores.

You can buy an e-gift card on their official website, You can also order a gift card, but the post will take time. An e-gift card will be sent to your email within twenty four hours itself, which is very convenient. You can find a detailed guide to their gift cards on the website. It will be sent to your email address, after which you can redeem it in any physical Macy’s store, or online. The Macy’s gift card, online or physical, does not expire. Any card bought after 2008 at Macy’s does not have an expiry date, and you can keep redeeming it to continue using it.

Macy’s also has a credit card, which can be availed with store credit. If you are a regular customer at Macy’s it will certainly be very helpful to you. If you received a gift card from Macy’s but do not want to use it for some reason, there are online and physical trading stores where you can trade it for gift cards from other brands, such as Target or Walmart. You cannot, however, trade the gift card for cash. 

Where Can The Macy’s Gift Card Be Used?

Most gift cards can be used only in their brand’s stores, and Macy’s is no different. Macy’s gift card can be used in two places. You can use it at their physical stores while purchasing items. When the cashier asks you for payment, that is when you show them your gift card. You can also use it online while ordering items from their website, their online store. Make sure that you are ordering it from an official website only. 

What About The Gift Card Balance?

You can check your Macy’s gift card balance by three means – online, on the phone, or physical store. To check balance online, you will have to visit their website and enter a few details regarding your gift card. On the phone, you will just have to call their customer care and the executive who answers the phone will tell you what you want to know.

You can also ask them any other doubts, this is a good means for those who need help to navigate this. If you visit their physical store, there will be a price scanner. It is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is scratch the security code and scan the card to get your balance. If you have an e-gift card, you will have to print it out with the barcode. You need to scan the barcode to see your gift card’s balance. You can again ask any employee in the store in case you need help.

How To Use The Gift Card?

The Macy’s gift card can be used to buy products from the Macy’s brand. If you want to use an e-gift card to make a purchase in a physical store, you will have to print out your gift card with the barcode. You will be able to do this by clicking the ‘’get barcode’’ option in the e-mail you received with the gift card. The cashier can scan the barcode and you can redeem your gift card.

If you are making an online purchase, you will have to add in details such as the gift card number and place your order. Macy’s does not allow more than five gift cards to be used for online orders. If you need to use more than five gift cards for one order, you can call customer care and tell them your situation. 


Macy’s is a consumer-friendly brand with lots of loyal consumers. They are here to stay. A lot of brands keep expiry dates so that the consumer makes a quick purchase, but Macy’s does not seem to depend on that. Their gift card does not have an expiry date. The consumer can always add money and redeem it for years. It makes an excellent gift, so whether you are giving it to someone or getting it from someone, a Macy’s gift card is good news. Happy Shopping! 

Does Macy’s gift card expire?

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