What Channel is CBS on DirecTV?

Sometimes technology is good, but at the same time is confusing. Many people are looking out for something very minor, but they can’t find exactly the best output to relate to it because it’s confusing. When it comes to the question of what channel number it is and how to find a channel number over more than 3000 + channels just by a remote, it becomes hectic for someone to even think about it. Getting the net’s help is the very best you can do if you don’t know how to operate the remote guide on finding the channels manually, marking them your favorite, or noting down the number.The best thing to get out of this situation is you can do to take help of your service provider and the channel you want to find your number instantly, but that too can be a bit hectic so in this article we will present you different ways to find your favorite channel otherwise. For the main question about what channel is CBS on DirecTV? One can easily find it on channel number 122. 

But it is also to be noted that when marking the channel numbers, every directivity of a different location will have different channel numbers if you are availing for a particular bag. Also, the packaging and the sequence number of the channel distributed will be different, so here are the best ways to find the channel number on your TV. Read on to get insights into the procedures.

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What channel is CBS on DirecTV?
What channel is CBS on DirecTV?

CBS channel on DirecTV according to location?

Directv provides different channel numbers according to different locations, categorizing the popular channels putting them in a convenient sequence.

City, StateCBS Channel Number DIRECTV

  • New York, NY-2
  • Los Angeles, CA-2
  • Chicago, IL-2
  • Houston, TX-11
  • Atlanta, Georgia-46
  • Cleveland, OH-19
  • Kansas City, MO-5

What channel is CBS on DirecTV? Methods to find

One can easily go to the net, taking help searching it on Google with your service provider, your location, and the channel you want to search is the easiest way. However, if you still want to know different methods that can be independent of your phone and your internet, you can opt for a manual lookout.

Search for CBS channel on Direct TV via remote

Manual lookout doesn’t mean searching 3000 plus channels on your TV one by one, looking for CBS on DirecTV but using the guide button on your TV remote for searching your favorite channel under the category.

  • The guide on the TV remote is provided for the purpose of searching channels you like marking their favorite.
  • Once you press the guide, it will take you to the home page, where the channels are categorized in terms of their genre. 
  • CBS, to be noted, comes in various channels and different categories. One needs to be specific for what they are looking at CBS entertainment or CBS sports. 
  • Going to the entertainment or sports category will help you find the more accurate channel you are looking at under CBS as the channel name will be marked under CBS. 
  • Once you have found the channel in your guide, there will be listings of different channels available in your guide menu. 
  • From there, you can see the number available, or you can directly press select going directly into that channel without going back and inputting the number.

There is also a problem when using the guide button and selecting the channel. The numbers or other categorized options do not work or change the channel instead of the up and down button. One has to keep the guide in the category of all channels to change channels, frequently jumping into different categories you like. 

Search CBS on DirecTV via mobile TV

Also, another way to track your TV channels is to simply log in to your mobile TV that your service provider gives as there are a complete menu and search options one can easily service that channel. 

While searching the channel and opening it, there will be a list showing that this channel is available on this particular number on TV to watch, and the user will get the information they have been looking out for. This is also applicable for those who have a subscription to mobile TV or are getting it for free. 


CBS is the most popular channel that has constantly been releasing programs and other variety shows, including sports and news making it the most popular wallet channel or network. 

CBS goes for Columbian broadcasting service, and it is one of the best channels in terms of TV serials and variety shows as it is one of the most popular and highly rated all over the USA and even the world. Directv provides the package of CBS having every channel in it that one should find out with following ways or the number and information provided above.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do CBS entertainment and CBS sports different? 

The channel and the broadcasting material are different, but the same broadcasting network runs it.

  1. How to get DirecTV?

One should call for assistance to know more about this procedure in number. 1-866-987-0357

What Channel is CBS on DirecTV?

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