What channel is Reelz on Xfinity?


Owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, Reelz is an American-based Channel, generally regarded as the perfect channel for staying up-to-date with the latest Hollywood gossip. It also provides daily glimpses of the lives of both famous and infamous celebrities. And Xfinity is one of the many television providers that offer marketable channels like Reelz. Formerly named Comcast cable, it was founded in 1981 and was replaced with the name Xfinity in 2011. It has a huge fan base of subscribers in regions like Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Maryland, Pennsylvania, etc.

Xfinity is a popular cable TV network that is often referred to as an all-in-one entertainment telecommunications service. One of the primary reasons for its growing demand is its multiple bundling deals which allows one to get the most benefits from the money spent. Bundling deals implies that you will be able to enjoy the service on your mobiles through the internet as well as on your television screens. They provide a streaming dashboard box with a DVR to serve this purpose. You can watch many different channels through Xfinity, and Reelz is one of them. Before talking about the channel Reelz, we should consider an exciting fact. Xfinity arguably has the most HD channels, ranging over 200 in totality. This has also contributed to its growing fan base. In this context, it is also imperative to note that Xfinity or Comcast cable, as it was previously named, was not widespread throughout. Amidst stiff competition from rival cable providers such as Dish Tv, Directv, and others, it is argued that Xfinity’s popularity grew in the year 2013.

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what channel is reelz on xfinity
reelz on xfinity

Headquartered in New Mexico, United States; the channel Reelz is said to be primarily devoted to entertainment-oriented programs and goes on to offer a variety of new and original shows like Autopsy: The Last Hours of, Friends Speak, Deadly Associates, Kennedy Files, Murder Made Me Famous, Serial Psyche, Under the Influence and Copycat Killers among several others. In addition, one can also find some celebrity quizzes such as those of Steve Irwin, Alice Cooper, and others, along with Podcasts on this channel. Moreover, it airs all the old popular TV reruns like American’s Top Model; Boy Meets World, The Big Bang Theory, etc. It was launched in September 2006 and is now available on almost all US cable systems.

Packages under Xfinity-

While mentioning the packages provided by Xfinity Tv, one should note that they provide their subscribers quite a few options to choose from- such as Choice Limited TV, Limited Basic TV, Xfinity Extra, Digital Preferred, and Digital Premiere. The plan you should choose depends on the number of channels you want to have access to. Nonetheless, after looking into Xfinity TV’s options, we can rightly say that they have a plan for every family member at prices anyone can afford.

Channel Number of Reelz on Xfinity

Though the channel number may likely vary from one location to another, you can watch Reelz on channel number 176 through the Xfinity cable provider. However, if you can’t find it on Channel 176, you should check their official website to find out the accurate channel number in your area.


In the end, if you are someone who dramatically enjoys watching celebrity interviews, mysterious murder films or series, or even podcasts by famous personalities, then Reelz is the perfect destination for you. However, to know the channel number of Reelz, you will have to look into the official website as different locations can have a different channel number for the same channel. You should, however, note that the channel is free of cost with all Xfinity packages.

Frequently asked questions-

Question 1: Why is Reelz such an on-demand video programming channel?

Answer: As already mentioned, Reelz provides several podcasts, celebrity quizzes, information related to the latest movie releases, etc., besides airing its own acquired shows. All this widely contributes to the popularity that it enjoys in recent times. It has, anyway, been an on-demand channel among young generations all, though. 

Question 2: Is the channel Reelz accessible through all packages of Xfinity Tv?

Answer: Yes, you can view the channel Reelz in any of the packages offered by Xfinity. This is because Xfinity subscriptions provide the channel Reelz free with no additional cost.

Question 3: Has the channel Reelz been removed?

Answer: Well, I believe you have the wrong information, but Reelz has not been removed. From what they have put forward on their official website, we can comment that they had recently made specific programming changes, which could have impacted the Reelz network in certain areas. But, the channel hasn’t been removed.

What channel is Reelz on Xfinity?

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