Can you recycle subway packaging?

Recycling is an eco-friendly process. It decreases the wasting of products and materials. Also, It helps the environment to be less polluted and more clean and green. In recent days this process has increased. There are several companies, food corporations, clothes manufacturers, and retailers that are taking a step towards this process. Nowadays, many companies have started using products that are easily recyclable. Subway is one of them. In this article we know recycle of subway packaging.

Can you recycle subway packaging?

Is Subway packaging recyclable?

Fortunately, you can recycle subway packaging. Recently Subway has started using recyclable packaging in their franchise stores. This step will help to minimize the wastage of material. Also, it will be a unique meal presentation to their customers. For the past four years, they have tried to maintain their sustainability and come up with new ideas. They have made their success and are trying to come up with a much better version of it. They emphasize eco-friendly recyclable packaging as the first step towards their “Environment leadership”.

We have gathered some trustable information for you. That might be helpful for you. If you want to know more details about the subway recyclable packaging materials and their usage, then please read. The full article recycle of subway packaging is written below.

Why did the subway start using recyclable packages?

Their food corporation had come up with a huge change. They took this step to make the environment green and clean. They have taken steps to bring up changes that can be helpful towards nature. Not only the packaging section they also make a change on other sections. This step taken by the subway will help to minimize the wastage of material. 

Are all of the subway packages recyclable?

No, all of their packages are not recyclable but you can say most of their packages are recyclable. There are some packages and serving materials that are still non-recyclable. They are still trying to make it fully recyclable and compostable. 

Which subway packages are fully recyclable?

Subway’s “environmental leadership ” has their goal to make their food corporation an ecofriendly corporation. So they started to serve their customers in fully recyclable and compostable packaging. They even eliminated unnecessary packaging of the foods. Its totally banned plastic packaging. Instead of plastic packaging, they use 40% recyclable materials packaging. Some of their recyclable packaging materials list is given below. 

Subway bags: Well, their bags are made with paper material. They are fully recyclable anywhere. As we all know paper is an eco-friendly material. So, it doesn’t harm the environment and also doesn’t cause pollution. Most of the paper bags from the subway dustbin are sent to the recycle house. They make new packages out of that waste material.

Subway cups: There are two types of cups used by the subway to serve drinks. One is for coffee cups and another one is for normal drinks. Both cups are made with recyclable material. They moved our polystyrene cups and instead of that they use polypropylene-based cups. These cups are made with thermoplastic material. This material is fully recyclable if there are proper facilities.

Subway sandwich paper: In the past, they used to pack their sandwiches in a paper roll and then again in a plastic wrapping. Now they stopped wrapping sandwiches in an extra plastic wrapper. They just use one paper wrapper To wrap sandwiches. This also presents the meal healthily. Sometimes paper wrappers absorb excessive oil. Also paper is fully recyclable.

Subway serving boxes: Subway serving boxes are also made with the same material as cups. They use thermoplastic material to make serving boxes for meals. So the boxes are recyclable and compostable if the facility is available.

Subway tissues: Subway tissues are made with fiber. They are 100% recyclable. Sometimes it depends on which purpose you use the tissue. But yes the tissues are fully recyclable as long as it doesn’t mix up with chemicals.

Which are the non- recyclable packages used by subway?

There are also many packages still used to serve which are non-recyclable in their restaurants. The good thing is they use them very rarely. Some of the subway stores had stopped using them and came up with a fully eco-friendly policy. There are one or two things that are made with non-recyclable materials. We make a list for you below.

Subway disposable spoons: Spoons that are used to serve meals are still made with some mixed plastic material. Fully plastic are recyclable if the facility exists. When it is mixed up with other materials then they are non-recyclable. 

So there are no other non-recyclable materials used in subway packaging. 


Subway “environmental leadership” policy has brought a huge change. The change has already started with the eco-friendly packaging system. They are almost on their way to making their restaurants environmentally and socially healthy without harming the planet at the same time.

Can you recycle subway packaging?

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