What time do restaurants serve lunch?

Human beings generally have a maximum of four meals a day that consist of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. All these meals must get consumed after regular intervals. The restaurants must remember this before deciding the time to serve them. Since there is no standard time for having a meal, different restaurants might have different timings for serving lunch.

What time do restaurants serve lunch?

Ideally, people must have meals at specific timings. But, they cannot do so in the fast-paced world. They require everything on the go. Restaurants know that and set the timings to serve lunch accordingly. However, different restaurants have different timings for serving lunch according to various factors.

Lunch Time At Different Restaurants

People might starve or overeat all day long. These practices might affect our productivity. Thus, any two meals must get consumed after regular intervals. Restaurants and hotels know this. They also require some time to cook one meal after the other. Thus, they set timings for serving meals.

The following are the lunch timings at different restaurants:

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks offers a power lunch throughout the day. The store opens between 5 to 6 am on the weekdays and between 7 to 8 am on the weekends. The store starts serving breakfast and lunch from the beginning and continues to do so all day. The customers may order the classic oatmeal, chickpea bites, avocado and hummus protein box, baked goods, and more.

  1. Domino’s

Domino’s offers lunchtime deals from 10 am to 4 pm throughout the week. It offers large, medium, and personal pizzas with varied toppings, cookies, wedges, twisted dough balls, a 500 ml drink, and garlic bread pizza for the lunchtime deals.

  1. McDonald’s

The lunchtime offered by McDonald’s depends on the location. Some stores might offer lunch all day, while some stores might offer all menus throughout the day. Many McDonald’s stores offer lunch from 10:30 am on the weekdays and from 11 am on weekends because the demand for breakfast is more on weekends. In the USA, the stores serve lunch from 10:30 am till closure. Some stores that operate throughout the day might stop serving lunch at 5 am.

  1. Burger King

Burger King is a franchise-owned company. Thus, different Burger King stores have various operating times. Stores that operate from 6 am might start serving lunch from 10:30 am, whereas some stores from 11 am. Lunch at Burger King generally includes a sandwich, chicken nuggets, drink, a chocolate chip cookie, and fries. This menu might differ according to the location and time.

  1. Pizza Hut

Most Pizza Hut stores open at around 11 am and start serving lunch. Pizza Hut offers a lunch buffet till 3 pm every day. Pizzas included in the lunch buffet are Pepperoni, Margherita, Veggie, BBQ Americano, and Hawaiian. The buffet also contains breadsticks, salad, a pasta bar, and desserts.

  1. Taco Bell

Lunchtime at Taco Bell generally starts at 11 am and ends at 2 pm. Some stores start serving lunch from 9 am. So, Taco Bell’s lunchtime depends on the location. Only limited stores remain open for 24 hours. Taco Bell differs from most other restaurants because it serves breakfast and lunch together. The store offers tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and more for lunch.

  1. Wendy’s

Wendy’s starts serving lunch from 10:30 am on weekdays, whereas 11 am on weekends. It is the time when these stores open. Some stores that open at about 6 am serve breakfast before lunch. Customers can have fries, salad, baked potato, meaty chili, sour cream, and more at Wendy’s. So, what the store serves first depends on the opening time that indirectly depends on the location.

  1. Subway

Since Subway is franchise-owned, most stores remain open for 24 hours. So, they serve breakfast and lunch throughout the day. Most food items are fresh, precooked, or reheated. So, the employees do not require more time to make the food ready. Some Subway stores might remain open till 8 pm, and some till 2 am. The stores offer salads, wraps, sandwiches, bread, drinks, and more.


We discussed the lunch timings in various popular restaurants. They consider the location, time, and efforts required to cook, deals, and more before deciding the serving time for lunch. However, their food items are neither too healthy nor affordable for everyone. So, they might face financial loss in some countries where the citizens might choose cheaper hotels or restaurants for having lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Do Many Fast Food Restaurants Do Not Serve Lunch In The Morning?


The fast-food restaurants must go according to the customer demand. Customers arriving early in the morning want their stomachs to fill only to a limit. Restaurants cannot expect them to have heavy lunches early in the morning. Similarly, the cooks start the day by cooking small dishes. Thus, many fast-food restaurants serve lunch after breakfast and not throughout the day.

  1. Which Is The Cheapest Restaurant?


Taco Bell offers meals at cheaper rates. McDonald’s comes after that.

What time do restaurants serve lunch?

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