Fashion Nova Return Policy- Issues After Returning

Fashion Nova Return Policy

Fashion Nova’s fashion retailer is a brand that mostly owes its reputation to social media. Many people have come across its designs through Instagram and started engaging with the brand, which impulsed it to grow and expand into different product categories. Now Fashion Nova sells accessories and beauty products besides clothing for women. Naturally, people interested in becoming consumers also wonder about its return policy. Let’s know about Fashion Nova Return Policy.

Fashion Nova’s return system works with a portal and a label that customers need to purchase in order to return an item. This article will tell you everything you need to know if you already have something from the brand to return: the process to do it, how to track your return, and what items apply for this policy.

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Refunds At Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is willing to issue a refund as long as the item(s) applies to any of the following circumstances:

  • The item received is wrong, broken, or defective. 
  • The company cancels your order.
  • Your desired item sold out while processing your order. 

Every refund is made to the original type of payment within 5-7 business days after the company receives back your item. However, in case your return doesn’t apply to any of the above circumstances, your refund will be made in form of a Fashion Nova gift card. 

Also, note that the company reserves its right to refuse a return or service due to: 

  • Potential fraud.
  • The customer’s returns history is excessive. 

Return Portal And Return Shipping Label

The way to return an item to Fashion Nova is through the Returns Portal and, ideally, with a return shipping label. The former is available for all customers in the world, while the latter can only be purchased by U.S. customers. The difference between them is that the label allows you to track your return and receive your money back sooner.

A return shipping label can be bought through the Returns Portal on Fashion Nova’s website. In case you need to return only one item, the label’s cost is $3.99, and $7.99 if you plan on returning more items.

The return portal works by submitting your order’s number plus your email. This way, you can start the return process before returning the item to the store. Notice that Fashion Nova accepts returns made without following this process, but they’ll be delayed.

What To Consider Before Returning An Item?

Before returning any items, you must make sure that: 

  • It is NOT worn, washed, or altered.
  • The item has its original tags still attached. 
  • The return package includes the return invoice that you received from the Returns Portal. 
  • In case of a wrong or defective item, it must be returned within the first week after delivery.
  • In case of returning multiple items, don’t group them in one package.
  • The order was not a final sale item since these types of orders are non-returnable.

Keep in mind that Party wear, bodysuits, beauty products, accessories, swimwear, and cosmetics are considered final sales. Also, some online purchased items apply for an in-store return: not sale items, dresses, accessories, beauty products, lingerie, bodysuits, or shoes. 

Issues After Returning

Perhaps you have already returned an item and currently face a problem, like if you haven’t received your gift card with the refund yet. Then, the solution is to check the Spam section in your email or contact the store to re-issue it. 

Other common issues that can happen after returning an item to Fashion Nova are: 

  • The credit received was less than expected:

This happens because not every returned item receives a 100% refund. Upon receiving it, the store inspects it in search of any damage and decides whether to issue a total or partial refund.

  • You don’t understand how the refund will work after returning a “Buy One Get One2 sale:

In this case, the store will distribute the discount across the items that applied in the order and issue the proportional refund according to the item you returned. 


Fashion Nova has created particularly efficient ways to apply returns. The process can be done through the Returns Portal of the store’s website, although you are encouraged to buy a return shipping label to get your refund faster. Nevertheless, the store is pretty clear about what items can be returned and in which conditions, which is important to consider before attempting to return any order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What happens if the order I returned was paid with a gift card?

The money will be returned to your gift card. 

2) Does Fashion Nova accept to exchange items?

No, the store doesn’t offer exchanges. 

3) Do Fashion Nova gift cards expire?

No, they never expire but they mostly apply for online shopping. 

4) Can I return any piece of clothing except lingerie, bodysuits, and swimwear? 

Yes, you can. Just to be clear, we’re talking about jeans, tops, jackets, and some dresses. 

Fashion Nova Return Policy- Issues After Returning

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