Are Freeman beauty products cruelty-free?


Freeman is a well-known beauty brand that includes a wide range of items for both skincare and cosmetics. Freeman Beauty was founded in 1976 and had a comprehensive selection of beauty and skincare items for clients to pick from. Many of them make a point of saying how “natural” they are, which isn’t often the case. While Freeman has gained in popularity over the years, many consumers choose their items due to the low drugstore costs they provide. Are Freeman beauty products cruelty-free?

Are Freeman beauty products cruelty-free?

Many consumers have questioned whether or not Freeman is a completely animal-friendly company because of its rise in popularity over the years. Do you think Freeman tests on animals? 

If you’re looking for cruelty-free beauty products at a lower price, Freeman Beauty may not be the best option for you. This is a letdown. Because of their commercial transactions in mainland China cannot be regarded as a truly cruelty-free beauty company.

Is Freeman cruelty-free?

Freeman Beauty regrets that it is unable to claim that all of its products are cruelty-free. This is a disappointment, especially in light of their very low costs. As a result, Freeman is unable to claim that its products are completely free of cruelty. 

Disappointingly, this is an excellent drugstore brand that provides low-cost goods. They may not be completely free of animal cruelty in the near term, but they may be in the future.

Why are they deemed to be not cruelty-free?

Freeman’s goods aren’t genuinely free of animal testing because they’re sold in China. For a brand or firm to sell in China, they must adhere to the country’s norms and regulations, which include testing their products on animals.

Is freeman vegan?

Freeman isn’t a vegan brand in the strictest sense of the word. Animals and animal byproducts are the sources of some of the substances used in a broad variety of skincare products. Plant extract-based goods are available from the brand, such as avocado, papaya oils, and cucumber juice.

Freeman Certifications

As previously noted, Freeman Beauty distributes its goods in the People’s Republic of China. Since this is the case, they cannot claim to be a completely animal-friendly beauty business. There are no PETA or Leaping Bunny certificates for them to boast about, either.

Be cautious if their website features bunny logos. Many companies claim to be “cruelty-free” by using bunny emblems. However, this isn’t always the truth. Due to a lack of regulation in the United States, many companies utilize the same logo, leading to customer confusion. 

Freeman Beauty does not currently have any essential certifications relating to its status as a cruelty-free company.

Because of their claim of using more natural ingredients, Freeman has recently grown in popularity. In recent years, a growing number of consumers have begun to look for natural and clean goods (much like they have sought to buy more cruelty-free products). 

Freeman, on the other hand, isn’t recognized for making “natural” products in the sense that other plant-based cosmetic businesses are.

What about the PETA Bunny or the Leaping Bunny logo in their products?

Many individuals still struggle to decipher the skincare product label, so you’re not alone. As a result, many of the words and phrases employed might be difficult to understand. The Leaping Bunny and the PETA Bunny may both be found on the brand’s website. All companies that are Leaping Bunny approved are free of animal cruelty.

Freeman has been accused, however, of going through the certification process but then ceasing to inquire of their suppliers about their cruelty-free procedures.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that not all cruelty-free enterprises are Leaping Bunny members. Members also don’t put the label on all of their items, even if they are already members.


Some clients don’t care about the bad aspects of this business because their items are known for being inexpensive. Even though their low costs are deemed “drugstore,” they’re often cheaper than the usual drugstore item. 

Many clients say that their items are well worth the low price because of their low pricing. In the future, Freeman Beauty might become a completely animal-free company. Assuming all goes according to plan, here’s hoping!


Is it unhealthy for your skin to use Freeman face masks?

Mint and Lemon Facial Clay Mask includes bentonite and kaolin, two different clays that eliminate impurities from the face. This mask, on the other hand, is kinder on the skin and less drying than a pure bentonite clay mask. This suggests that prolonged contact with the skin might be irritating.

What is the origin of the Freeman brand?

It was launched in Los Angeles in 1976 by Freeman Beauty to create a line of entertaining and high-performing specialized beauty products that were accessible to the younger beauty-involved client.

Is Freeman available in the People’s Republic of China?

Yes, it is available in China. Animal testing is a necessity for the sale of Freeman goods in Mainland China. Post-market production animal testing is still mandated by law in the United States. 

Are Freeman beauty products cruelty-free?

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