Is Carhartt ethical?- Is Carhartt a good brand?

Is Carhartt ethical?

Carhartt is a clothing company founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt. It is an American brand popular for working clothes like jackets, apparel, overalls, etc. Carhartt has become popular since the late 1980s when the hip-hop community adopted the workwear style. Carhartt is also very responsible and thoughtful about its team and working labors. It takes care of its workforce and makes beneficial policies for the working labor. Let’s know ‘Is Carhartt ethical?’

Carhartt works to provide the best quality products to the consumers. Carhartt claims their products to be ethically manufactured and best quality. The company has been managed by the same bloodline since it was founded. But the recent overall reviews about Carhartt products are not very best. Read on to see if Carhartt is ethical or not!

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Production Material Used

Carhartt products are shipped globally so it is a big challenge to maintain the best quality in this vast supply chain. Carhartt follows a specific code of conduct in manufacturing and supply chains. Carhartt is also very specific in choosing the suppliers. These suppliers must agree with the code of conduct of the company. Carhartt garments are popular for their comfort, quality, and durability.

They mostly use organic cotton as production fiber. Carharrt grows organic cotton without any pesticides and chemicals so the fabric produced would be purely organic. Carhartt is also looking to use some other sustainable fiber to reduce the use of organic cotton and meet their quality criteria.

Is Carhartt a good brand?

Carhartt clothing is made of good material and is also durable. But being ethical or not is a separate issue. If we talk about quality and durability, then Carhartt is better than many other brands available in the market.

Environmental Status:

Carhartt shipping containers are mostly made up of 60-70% recycled material and for overseas shipping, they mostly use ocean transport. Despite all these efforts to reduce the environmental impact, the overall environmental ratings of Carhartt are not good enough in reducing pollution. There is no evidence that they purify their textile waste before discarding it. It is also not confirmed that they have taken any measures to reduce the elimination of toxic chemicals.

Ethical Code Of Conduct:

Carharrt only partners with the companies that agree to their code of conduct. This code of conduct is ethical and labor-friendly. It follows the internationally accepted labor standards and human rights. It includes the rules of work hours, minimum wage rate, prohibition of child labor, and forced labor. This whole code of conduct sounds ethical but it is not sure if Carhartt follows its complete code of conduct in all operations.

Overall Ratings:

The overall ratings are given by “good for you” are not good enough as a worldwide brand. Carharrt does not give a satisfying statement about producing sustainable products for the environment and also about comforting our animal friends. Although their products are durable and comfortable, we are not sure if these products are sustainable.

Animal Welfare:

Carharrt does not use most animal products like fur, angora, or skin but it does use wool and leather. But there is no evidence that they have any policy or measures to reduce the pain of animals from which they get this material. They also don’t seem to trace any animal products to the source.


Carhartt seems very ethical according to its code of conduct but overall ratings are not good enough for Carhartt to be a global brand which means that Carhartt failed to follow its code of conduct. Carharrt uses organic cotton in place of conventional cotton. They grow organic cotton without any pesticides and chemicals. Also, their shipping boxes are mostly made of recycled material. But there is no evidence that their production process is environmentally friendly. Also, it is not sure that Carhartt has any policy to reduce the pain of animals from which they get material.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Is Carhartt Better Than Dickies?

Ans: Carharrt is a premium brand while dickies offer many affordable options. If you want a pure warm winter jacket at any cost, you must prefer Carhartt but if you are following a budget then you can search out for dickies.

Q 2: How Is Carhartt Clothing So Warm?

Ans: Carhartt uses arctic insulation, the warmest insulation that can be used in clothing. Carharrt’s Yukon extreme collection is specially designed for such extreme weather.

Q 3: Is Carhartt Water Proof?

Ans: Carharrt provides a wide range of products that are waterproof including jackets, coats, sweatshirts, and pants. These products are not 100% waterproof when exposed to a wet environment for a long time.

Q 4: Is Carhartt Fire Resistant?

Ans: Carhartt is a brand especially for workwear so it prefers safety clothing for tough jobs. Carhartt offers fireproof clothing for tough jobs.

Is Carhartt ethical?- Is Carhartt a good brand?

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