Does Verizon offer cable TV?

Cable TV transmits TV signals using radio frequencies offers customers. The customers must have antennas to receive the signals and pass them to the cables to the television for customers to enjoy viewing their preferred programs. But in recent years, Cable TVS are becoming rare as many people are now embracing fiber-optic technology that is faster and more reliable. Let’s have a look at ‘Does Verizon offer cable TV?’.

Does Verizon offer cable TV?

Does Verizon offer cable TV?

Verizon does not offer cable TV instead it offers TV plans that use fiber-optic technology making them more powerful in terms of signal strength. Fiber-optic technology used conveys signals and communications faster over long distances using fiber string. 

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Verizon TV plans 

Verizon offers its customers a variety of TV plans that they get to choose from depending on the cost, channels, and availability in their locations. 

Below are some of the TV plans that are offered by Verizon to its customers.   

  • The Most Fios TV
    • Offers customers over 425 channels to enjoy 
    • Costs $105 per month inclusive of taxes
    • With this plan, a customer gets to benefits from
      • One set-top box
      • Multi-room DVD service 
      • Verizon gift card of $200 available to customers registered for the gift card which is emailed to the customer within 48hours after registering. 
    • New customers pay additional 
      • $15 per month router charge 
      • $99 set-up and taxes fees 
  • More Fios TV
    • Provides over 300 channels for the customers to enjoy 
    • It costs $85 per month inclusive of taxes
    • New customers pay additional
      • $15 per month router fee
      • $99 taxes and set-up fees
    • Customer benefits from
      • Basic DVD service 
      • One set-top box
  • Your Fios TV
    • Offers over 125 TV channels that customers get to watch and enjoy. The customer chooses five channels they prefer for them to be given a suitable package. 
    • It costs 65 per month inclusive of taxes
    • Customers get to benefit from one set-top box 
    • New customers pay additional
      • $15 per month router fee
      • $99 taxes and set-up fees
  • Fios TV Test Drive
    • Customers enjoy over 425 TV channels for the first 60-days after which the customer gets to select the plan they prefer 
    • It costs $65 per month inclusive of taxes 
    • Customer benefits from One set-top box
    • New customers pay additional
      • $15 per month router fee
      • $99 taxes and set-up fees
  • Sling TV
    • Offers over 30 channels 
    • It is more affordable as it costs $35 per month inclusive of taxes
    • The customer gets to enjoy 
      • Free 50 hours DVR storage 
      • 2 months free viewing 
      • Customers get to watch the TV on their device of choice 
  • YouTube TV
    • Customers get to enjoy and stream over 85 channels 
    • Customers can open up to 6 individual accounts 
    • Costs $64.99 per month inclusive of taxes 
    • Customer benefits from 
      • 6 individual accounts per home
      • Unlimited DVR storage

Advantages of Verizon fiber-optic TV 

  • Reliable 

The viewing quality by the fiber optic during power outages and adverse weather conditions is more reliable than that of cable TV whose signal strength gets affected by weather conditions especially when it rains or gets windy.

  • Fast

Offers customer speeds of up to 940/880Mpbps enabling gaming, video sharing, or watching movies from movie sites

  • Multiple device connections 

A customer can connect multiple devices in their homestead and get to enjoy its fast speed and watch their preferred channels or make downloads.  

  • Quality picture and sound 

Verizon offers its customer a very high-quality HD picture and sound improving their viewing experiences. 

Disadvantages of Verizon fiber-optic TV

  • Fiber-optic technology used by Verizon fiber-optic TV is not spread across all states in the U.S limiting other people who would also love to enjoy their services. 
  • Its high power demand increases the cost as the customer needs to invest in emitters that use high power, pay more for the power while incurring a high installation cost compared to cable TV. 
  • The cables used are easily broken and easily damaged when it is tightened too much. Hence the customer has to always be very careful with them to avoid any cases of damages. 

How to pay for Verizon TV plans?

Verizon customers can pay for their TV plans in the following ways as outlined below

  • On the Verizon website using their Verizon account 
  • Using Autopay by setting the payment method for payment to be deducted automatically 
  • Payment in person at the nearest Verizon location  
  • Pay using the remote control menu available in Fios TV and an IMG/TV Set-top Box 
  • Paper-free billing available on Verizon website and Fios APP
  • Using the Fios App downloadable from Google Play and the Apple store 

A customer in need of a TV plan from Verizon will get to enjoy more reliable and fast TV programming from the fiber-optic technology they offer. The customer will also get to select from a wide range of plans offered and get to choose their preferred plan. 

Does Verizon offer cable TV?

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