Is Walmart a department store? – know more 

We all are well aware of Walmart, right? Let me refresh your memory about Walmart. Walmart is an American retail corporation and is a well-known chain of supercentres. In other words, Walmart is our very own grocery store. Now when we say grocery store or a supercentre, does this mean that Walmart is a department store too? For that, we must know any difference between all these terms. Is Walmart a department store? – let’s know.

Is Walmart a department store?

What is a supercentre?

Supercentre is a center or a store where you can get basic items like groceries and other household items at a very discounted price. These are massive stores that sell everything at a super affordable price. This means that Walmart is a supercentre.

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The types of stores are many. For example, we have grocery stores, department stores, convenience stores, etc. they all sound the same right? But in reality, there is a slight difference between each of them

What is the difference between a department store, a grocery store, and a convenience store?

Department store

  • As the name suggests, a department store has many departments for your every need
  • It has many departments or sections like a food section, clothing section, household and cleaning section, healthcare, and many more.
  • In short, a department store includes everything from food items to appliances at good rates.
  • Department stores are usually massive and sometimes they are multi-story stores.

Grocery stores

  • Grocery stores are supermarkets where you get all the kinds of fresh produce like fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, etc
  • Processed and prepared food items are also there in grocery stores
  • Grocery store is a part of a department store.

Convenience stores

  • A convenience store is a store that we usually find at gas stations. These stores are usually open all the time which makes it “convenient” and hence the name.
  • A convenience store usually sells batteries, oils, and basic food and healthcare items like packed food and drinks, cough and cold medicines, pregnancy tests, and many other things.
  • Convenience stores are usually small

Is Walmart a department store?

Yes, absolutely. Walmart falls under the category of department stores because Walmart offers a wide range of items and services under one roof. At Walmart, you can get: –

Groceries- at Walmart, you can buy fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., and also processed and packed food items. Spices, condiments, drinks, and cheeses, everything is present here.

Pharmaceutical items- Walmart also has a pharmacy section where you can get medicines and all the other healthcare items. you can also get prescriptions from a trusted doctor and consultants for only $4. 

Photo services- you can get your photo prints and can make customized gifts and cards for your loved ones.

And many more.


There are many other services provided by Walmart. If this doesn’t make it a department store, then we don’t know what will. Walmart is truly every American’s favorite store to get every shopping and work done. Walmart is an affordable and highly recommended department store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 where can I get a Walmart gift card and how to redeem it?

You can get yourself or your loved ones a gift card from Walmart. Walmart sells its gift cards and other gift cards too like Starbucks, Spotify, Sephora, etc. suppose you get a $100 Walmart gift means that you can shop for a maximum of $100 from any Walmart store and redeem it.

The physical Walmart cards come with a PIN which you will use at the time of billing to pay through the physical Walmart gift card. If you have an online Walmart gift card, then it comes with an account number using which you can shop online at Walmart’s official site. You cannot use the online gift card in-store. 

Q2 Does Walmart provides home delivery?

Yes. Walmart delivers groceries and other household items to your doorsteps. All you have to do is go to their website, add items to your cart, book a convenient time slot for your delivery, and check out after paying for the items. If you are not a member and your total bill is less than $35, then you are required to pay a delivery fee which could be anywhere between $5.99 to $9.99 depending upon the weight of your order. Members are not charged any delivery fee. If a member spends less than $35, they only have to pay the $5.99 order minimum.

Q3 what are sum customized services offered by Walmart?

Walmart offers many customized services like customized gift cards and gift items. You can get made customized presents like photo frames, mugs, and cards. These are best for gifting, and you can get these customized services for every occasion. Walmart also has a bakery where you can get customized cakes for any occasion.

Is Walmart a department store? – know more 

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