McDonald’s vs Taco Bell-Know more

Fast food: the ultimate comfort food for one and all. We mean, what’s there to not like about it? It smells and tastes fantastic, something you can enjoy with people or on your own, and the most important part is that it makes one happy. This article will talk about two of the best fast food joints that exist – McDonald’s and taco bell. Mcdonald’s is a very popular American fast food company that was started in 1940. Let’s have a look at ‘McDonald’s vs Taco Bell’.

McDonalds vs Taco Bell

It is the world’s largest restaurant chain with outlets in more than 100 countries worldwide. On the other hand, taco bell is a subsidiary of Yum brands INC. it is an American fast-food chain of restaurants and was founded in 1962. both Taco Bell and McDonald’s don’t serve the kind of food you eat every day. 

McDonald’s vs Taco Bell

Tacobell and McDonald’s are two completely different fast-food restaurants with two completely different ways of making their food. One specializes in burgers, fries, and milkshakes while the other specializes in tacos, wraps, burritos, etc. This article will be talking about how McDonald’s and taco bell are different from each other in different aspects.


In comparison to the pricing of food, taco bell is definitely cheaper than McDonald’s. But, both these fast food joints are very affordable: their menus offer items under 3 dollars USD. Taco Bell also has more items on its 1 dollar menu compared to McDonald’s and also has a larger variety compared to McDonald’s.

Food and menu

In terms of healthy, fast food is never healthy in the slightest. But taco bell In comparison to McDonald’s is a healthier option since it has fewer calories sodium and fat on average.

At Taco Bell, you can alter your order. For example, you can eliminate cheese or sour cream, or even rice from your meals and replace it with other things such as quinoa, brown rice, etc, or any other healthier option that is available. Taco Bell is also considered to be one of the healthiest fast-food restaurants in America and its menu also offers health-friendly items for people who live a healthier lifestyle.

Tacobell also has better breakfast menu items compared to McDonald’s. The options that McDonald’s offers are very traditional and nothing out of the extraordinary. Whereas taco bell is more on the creative side with their breakfast menus. For example, a breakfast crunch wrap that has all the elements of breakfast in it makes a good item on the breakfast menu.

In terms of menu Taco Bell without a doubt offers more items on its menu compared to McDonald’s. Taco Bell has a creative menu and it varies from burritos, wraps, nachos to different health options, different vegetarian options, and vegan options too. Whereas McDonald’s isn’t as creative as Taco Bell is offering new menu items. On a McDonald‘s menu, you can only find chicken nuggets, burger salads, and fries and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary, which is the opposite in the case of taco bell.

Drive-thru services

In comparison to the two fast food joints, Taco bell is rated significantly better When it comes to Fast drive-through services compared to McDonald’s. Furthermore, a Taco Bell drive-through at least takes three minutes forty-two seconds with McDonald’s being as long as seven minutes.


McDonald’s evidently has more locations countrywide (in the united states) and worldwide. Taco Bell is still not available in many countries across the world. Mcdonald’s can be found in over 100 counties, whereas taco bell is only available in a mere number of 30 countries. 


Overall, in every aspect, be it drive-thrus, quality of the food, creativity in the menu and breakfast menu, and health-wise, taco bell always comes on top of McDonald’s, making it one of the best fast-food chains to exist in the united states. 


1) How much money does McDonald’s make in India?

McDonald’s made almost ten billion Indian rupees in the fiscal year of 2021.  

2) Is taco bell is open in India?

yes, taco bell is available in 11 cities – Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Mysore among others. 

3) Does taco bell or McDonald’s serve halal meat?

At taco bell, the products and the ingredients used to make the food might be halal certified, but the food that is served (burritos, nachos, wraps, etc) is not halal certified. Mcdonald on the other hand does not serve halal in any of its stores worldwide. 

4) Does taco bell or McDonald’s serve vegan food?

McDonald’s currently does not serve vegan items on its menu, although it states that they are “evolving their menu” according to the liking of their customers. Taco Bell doesn’t specifically have vegan items on its menu, but they let you make modifications to your order. Other than that, taco bell introduced dairy-free nachos and burritos and beyond as a start to their vegan menu.

McDonald’s vs Taco Bell-Know more

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