Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? 

To know about the American retail company Hobby Lobby store and the various payment modes accepted by Hobby Lobby store. To discuss in detail about whether it accepts Apple pay or not and the reasons behind acceptance and not acceptance of Apple Pay.Here we will see Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? 

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay?

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? 

No, the Hobby Lobby does not accept apple pay because they were currently collaborated with Paypal. It accepts PayPal for making the payments in Hobby Lobby store. Along with PayPal it accepts many other cards which include Visa, MasterCard,American Express and Discover.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby, an American retail company is an art and craft store in which one can find thousands of arts, crafts, home decors and seasonal products.Hobby Lobby was founded on August 3, 1972. The founder of Hobby Lobby is David Green. The headquarters of this stores are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.

One can purchase any item at the Hobby Lobby by visiting the store in person or by going through the website online and pick up your order at the nearest store.It provides many payment options  for the user to make their choice  of payment in buying their products.

How to buy products at Hobby Lobby?

Ordering and picking up at Hobby Lobby should be straightforward.To buy products in Hobby Lobby stores one can go to visit the store in person or can go to the website online.

Process to be followed when a person visits in store :

  • Firstly, visit the Hobby Lobby store.
  • Search for the product that you are willing to buy.
  • Take the product and make the payment to the store by using cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Hobby Lobby gift cards.

Process to be followed for buying products online:

  • Firstly, visit the Hobby Lobby website
  • Search for the products, arts and crafts you want to buy.
  • Check for the stock, fabric and quality of the required product.
  • Make the payment by using prepaid Visa, MasterCard or American Cards.
  • The website takes 2-3 business days to process the order and delivers in additional 1-7 business days.


 For successfully shopping at Hobby Lobby one can go through the following information

  • Various kinds of payments accepted by Hobby Lobby
  • Time taken to get your order processed
  • The offers and sales provided by Hobby Lobby

Payment methods in Hobby Lobby

Various cards accepted by Hobby Lobby for making the payments are Hobby Lobby gift cards,Visa,MasterCard.The shopping in Hobby Lobby can be done in online or by visiting the store in person. After completion of shopping the payment can be done using Hobby Lobby gift cards,Paypal.

Comparing PayPal over Apple Pay

Apple pay is used for purchases in safari on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.By using Apple pay the payment is safe and secure in iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS apps and on websites in Safari but it can be used only by the apple users which can’t be afforded by all the people. Also,Apple Pay hasn’t been rolled out to the masses.Whereas,Paypal can be used by all the people in the world which makes payments easier and it is available for Apple,Android and Windows devices. So, Hobby Lobby is collaborated with Paypal to make easier payments and to buy products.

Frequently asked questions

1.What modes of payments are accepted by hobby lobby?

A.Hobby Lobby currently accepts Visa,MasterCard or American Express gift card  Hobby Lobby gift cards, Paypal.For online orders, we can use prepaid Visa, MasterCard or American Express Gift Cards. 

2.What if my order is returned or canceled?

A.The refund is processed to your original method of payment.If order is returned or any amount needs to be issued for any reason.

3.Does Hobby Lobby accept Cryptocurrency payments?

A.No,Hobby lobby was not accepting cryptocurrency support.

4.Does Hobby Lobby have electronic gift cards?

A.No,Hobby Lobby offer only physical gift cards.

5.Does Hobby Lobby accepting Apple Pay?

A.Hobby Lobby is now accepting Apple Pay on its app and website.The company has yet to get Apple Pay support in stores,but it has added it to its app and website.

6.Why do some stores  doesn’t  accept Apple Pay?

A.Apple company takes zero percent cut of the sale.Hence,it isn’t necessarily more expensive.It even has slow roll out.The NFC payment system requires merchants to invest in terminals that support it,but many chip_reading terminals can handle NFC transactions without any addition hardware.Even,the lack of access to the customer data is also one of the reasons why usually retailers doesn’t accept Apple Pay.


Hence,from the analysis it is clear that Hobby Lobby is not accepting Apple Pay in stores but it is trying to add it to its app and website.The Hobby Lobby is currently having its collaboration with Paypal.It currently accepting Visa,MasterCard,Discover,American Express and Hobby Lobby gift cards in-store and online.It is not currently accepting Apple Pay in store but through an online website Appleosophy it accepts.

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? 

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