Does Macy’s replace Watch batteries?

There are a few things that are as embarrassing and frustrating as missing an appointment because your watch suddenly stopped working. Does Macy’s replace Watch batteries? – let’s know.

Does Macy’s replace Watch batteries?

In order to prevent this disappointment, change and check your watch batteries regularly. So, how do you keep your watch in working order and does Macy’s provide battery replacement services for your watch?

Well, yes. Macy’s offers customers and non-customers the opportunity to come and replace their watch batteries whenever they like. This is a special service that is offered in conjunction with the best jewelry and watch repair company in the nation, Regardless of where you got your wrist watch from, you can walk into any Macy’s store and have your batteries changed at an affordable fee.

What do we know about Macy’s watch business?

We know that Macy’s, a leading retail store, has recently partnered with another big name in the jewelry and watch repair industry to bring affordable watch and jewel servicing to their customers.

In this partnership are many opportunities for Macy’s customers. For example, if you are on the store’s protection plan, you can have your watch batteries replaced for free at Macy’s. You also don’t have to worry about repairs and servicing, as all these are covered under the protection plan.

However, if you are not a Macy’s customer, you can also have your watch battery replaced at select Macy’s stores. Note that, even if you bought your watch from Macy’s but do not have a protection plan for it, you will pay for the battery replacement.

How much does it cost to have your Watch battery replaced at Macy’s?

Watch battery replacement is a relatively simple procedure, you just have to open the back of the watch, pop out the dead batteries and replace them. If you intend to do it yourself, you might not have the proper brand of battery required and the entire process might disturb the watch’s delicate connections.

However, it is a delicate procedure that if done poorly, might lead to further complications. Battery replacement cost at Macy’s starts from $10  upwards. The cost might increase depending on the hardness of the task and the type of battery required.

How to replace your Watch batteries at Macy’s?

If you want to have your watch battery replaced at Macy’s, here’s how to go about it:

1. Go to

2. Read the instructions on the website and fill out the repair form with all necessary details

3. Generate and print the order slip and shipping label

4. Pack and have your watch ready for shipping

5. If you are a Macy’s customer, your package gets free UPS shipment

6. Once the package has arrived, you will be sent an estimate by the repair/ replacement team

7. Approve or decline the work, then pay for the work done

8. The technical team finishes the replacement and sends back the watch.

If this seems like too much bother for you, or you don’t want such a comprehensive inspection of your gadget, you can take an alternative route.

How to replace your Watch battery on your own?

As earlier said, replacing a watch’s battery is relatively simple and can be completed in about 60 seconds, except in the most complicated situations.

Here’s your DIY manual to replacing your watch battery:

1. Open the back lid

2. Locate and inspect the battery

3. Then you remove it by prodding it with another object. You don’t want to slam it on your palms as it could lead to some other complications, like a cut wire.

4. Put in the new batteries and make sure they are placed correctly

5. Close the watch

6. You can start using your watch again.


Macy’s seems the perfect solution for your jewelry and watch repair problems. It has not only to be a wrist watch, what of your standing clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, and so on. It might also be a family heirloom that you would prefer is handled carefully by a professional.


1. Does Macy’s replace watch batteries?

Ans: Yes, you can get your watch batteries replaced at Macy’s at an affordable fee.

2. Does Macy’s protection plan cover battery replacement?

Ans: Yes, Macy’s WORRYNOMORE protection plan offers free battery replacements for your watch throughout its life span

3. Is battery replacement at Macy’s expensive?

Ans: Battery replacement is a simple procedure, it costs upwards from $10. The price might change according to the type of watch and battery required.

4. Does battery replacement take long?

Ans: The most complicated procedure does not take over 2 minutes. However, the procedure need not last more than 60 seconds in normal circumstances.

5. Can anyone get their watch battery replaced at Macy’s?

Ans: The service is open to everyone, even if you didn’t get your watch at Macy’s.

Does Macy’s replace Watch batteries?

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