Does Macy’s clean jewelry?- Know More

Macy’s is an American chain of retail shops. It was founded in the mid-eighties . Does Macy’s clean jewelry , they have two other labels. Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury. Bloomingdale is known for its designer fashion, beauty, and home decor, whereas Bluemercury is known for luxury beauty products and spas. The other products that Macy’s sells are clothes, footwear, jewelry, and housewares. 

Does Macy’s clean jewelry

Jewelry is the most delicate art piece. It’s worn by everyone in today’s time. Talking about Macy’s services related to jewelry, they do not only sell jewelry but also help customers keep their jewelry new by providing them WorryNoMore Jewelry and Watch scheme wherein they provide jewelry cleaning and repair and re-sizing.

Do It Right To Make Your Jewelry Shine Bright

WorryNoMore is fine jewelry and watches protection program wherein you have to sign up for its benefits. One should sign up within 30 days of the purchase. You can do so by just calling Macy’s customer care service or by using Does Macy’s clean jewelry chat function or visiting Macy’s store with the receipt of the purchased item. 

What All Will Be Covered In The WorryNoMore Program

There are numerous services available under this program. A few of them are listed below. Mind you, all the services provided are free of cost unless stated otherwise.

  1. Jewelry inspection
  2. Jewelry Cleaning 
  3. Polishing of the jewelry
  4. Repairing your piece of jewelry 
  5. Re-tipping of the prongs
  6. Resetting of stones (done only on/for 3 stone rings. Free of cost only if all the stones are of the same size, but if the center stone is larger than the other two stones, then that will not be covered)
  7. Re-sizing of the rings
  8. Chain and bracelet shortening
  9. Restringing of pearl jewelry
  10. Diamond solitaire earrings conversion (the purchase should be 500 dollars and above)

What Are The Exclusions Of The WorryNoMore Program

Below are the guidelines for the customers to keep in mind what needs not to be done. This also gives them a clear idea as to what all things are not included in the WorryNoMore program and might charge you if you want to get it done by Macy’s.

  1. The protection plan does not cover the expense if the negligence was shown from the customers’ side.
  2. Apart from negligence, they do not cover/compensate for robbery, accident, vandalism, fire, flood, and any other out-of-control happenings.
  3. In terms of stone jewelry, if you have lost the stone, they are not going to provide you with one without charging you.
  4. Replacements of earring backs also do not fall under this program. Altering shank thickness and width will cost the customer. 
  5. Any jewelry that is sold under the department of 728, 967 263, 267, 729, and 759. 

 How Do I Benefit From The WorryNoMore Services

Whenever you find the need to service your jewelry, you can go to ant Macy’s store along with the purchase receipt as well as the WorryNoMore program plan receipt. One important thing that a customer should keep in mind is that this service has to be taken up for every purchase of jewelry. It is a nontransferable service.

How Do I Cancel My WorryNoMore Plan

The customer can even cancel the plan within 30 days of purchasing the plan, and a full refund or credit will be given. If one is canceling the plan after 30 days, different sets of rules are applied, such as the refund or credit will be done of the prorated portion of the cost. This will be based on the remaining time in the plan and minus the cost of ant services that the customer has availed. 

How Much Does Macy’s WorryNoMore Plan/Program Charge Annually

The price for the plan depends upon the net selling price of the item. The plan is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. After the completion of the period, one can always price one more for the next 3 years.     

Extra Services That Macy’s Provide That Might Help You 

  • Apart from the WorryNoMore plan for the benefits for customers that help them keep their jewelry shiny and blingy, they also provide guides in terms of what is best in the store and which stone is called what and will look best on whom and for what occasion.
  •  They also provide you with tips on keeping your jewelry super shiny at home. 
  • They have also taken utmost care on how a particular piece of jewelry can be styled.
  •  They also talk about types of gemstones and how to treat them.  
  • They have some real fun description that talks about birthstones by the color of the month, which promise ring is best for you and your partner among others.


Does Macy’s clean jewelry take utmost care of their customers. They have a WorryNoMore plan to help their customers with various services such as cleaning the jewelry, repairing it, re-sizing, etc. To avail of the services, the customer has to buy the plan. One can also cancel the plan within 30 days of the purchase of the plan.


Q1. Does Macy’s provide jewelry cleaning service?

A1. Yes, they do provide jewelry cleaning service under their WorryNoMore service plan.

Q2. Does jewelry(gold) from Macy’s tarnish?

A2. No, the gold item purchased from them doesn’t tarnish if you invest in 24K gold.

Q3. Are the diamonds real in Macy’s pieces of jewelry?

A3. Yes, the diamonds used in Macy’s jewelry are real and certified.

Does Macy’s clean jewelry?- Know More

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