Rogers Jewelry Return Policy-Know more

Jewelry has always been so dear to a woman. Be it any occasion, jewelry has made its mark gracefully ever since. Rogers Jewelry is well-known for its vintage and antique jewelry. It has unquestionable authenticity. They use GIA-certified diamonds to increase the value and beauty of diamond jewelry. The ‘no compromise’ policy on the quality, shape, and size of the products makes them trustworthy for ages. Let’s have a look at the ‘Rogers Jewelry Return Policy’.

Rogers Jewelry Return Policy

You can also make replacements, clean and polish, or redesign as per your choice. If you are dissatisfied or facing any issue related to your product you can return it by following the return policy. The product must be original. It should also contain the diamond grading report(s). You can return it online or in-store. It should accompany the original price tag, invoice, or sales receipt. Keep these in mind to successfully return your product.

Overview of Rogers jewelry return policy

If you want to return your product, follow the instructions of Rogers Jewelry’s return policy. Make sure you follow the conditions given below to return your product successfully.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The product should not be in a used condition. It should be new, and unworn.
  1. The product must contain the original product tag, invoice, or sale receipt.
  1. Gift cards, certificates, coupons, free or discounted jewelry must also be returned in new condition with the actual purchase.

 Additional expectations:

  1. Any product with scratches, marks, dents, and damage or showing signs of wear and tear are not returnable.
  1. Customized jewelry, special order, and engraved items are not returnable.
  1. The product must not be altered. Any changes made by the customer, for example, restyled or re-sized stones, or gems removed or added will not be accepted.

 If the requirements are met, a refund will be issued within a month from the purchase date. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions before ordering, or requesting for return. Do not discard any receipt or invoice accompanied by the product. Make sure you meet the requirements. Any damage caused to the product, and its packing will immediately cancel your return with no refund.

How to process a return- online & in-store?

Rogers Jewelry’s return policy helps you to return your product if dissatisfied. You can either return it online or in-store. Go through the Terms and Conditions of Rogers Jewelry.


To return your product online, you can ship them to any of Rogers Jewelry Co. locations. Stated below are the steps to ship the product.

  1. Send an email or speak to the customer service representative via a call to obtain a Return Authorization Code.
  1. Using the Return Authorization Code, return the product with its original packaging, receipt, and diamond grading report(s) to any of its locations.

 Refund or exchange is accepted during usual working hours after it is accepted. Make sure the product has diamond grading report(s) to avoid a replacement cost of $150.


   The product should be in its initial state and have the original package, invoice, and diamond grading report(s). Its originality will be reviewed to determine if the product is acceptable. If approved, you can expect an exchange or a refund during usual working hours.

Terms and Conditions

       Rogers Jewelry allows customers to return the products procedurally. Defective products are returnable. The wrong shipment of products is also returnable. Make sure the product is in its original state with the original tag, receipt, and invoice. Avoid customization or alteration of the product. 

      For shipping, make sure the product is placed securely into the original box or packaging to avoid any damage. You can request a return receipt to ensure the successful shipment of the return. You are required to pay the shipping fee as an additional charge. Pay attention to these Terms and Conditions for a successful exchange or a refund.


    Rogers Jewelry offers you the finest and exceptional quality jewelry collection. It has its trust and integrity due to its remarkable quality merchandise, and friendly services. If dissatisfied, return it by following the instructions of the return authorization. Avoid customization or alteration of the product. The product must be original without any signs of damage or wear and tear. It should be with its original packing, and sales receipt or invoice. Failing that, the product will not be accepted, and a refund will be denied. Rogers Jewelry has adorned people on every occasion for ages. Gift yourself, and your loved ones jewelry from Rogers Jewelry as an expression of love, and care.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Can I return any defective items?

 Answer- Yes, you can return any defective item. Make sure not to discard the packing, invoice, or sale receipt. All these are required to return the item successfully. You can also return it for an identical exchange. 

  1. Does Rogers Jewelry have a warranty on the jewelry?

Answer- Yes, Rogers Jewelry offers a warranty on its jewelry collections. But it offers a lifetime warranty only on diamond jewelry. You can avail of the warranty only if you comply with its rules. You will be advised to get your diamond jewelry inspected, and cleaned professionally every six months for longevity. Make sure you bring a warranty card or certificate with you to cover the replacement of damaged or lost diamond jewelry.

3. What kind of customer service does Rogers Jewelry offer?

Answer- Rogers Jewelry services include customization, redesigning, and restyling of outdated jewelry. Replacement, cleaning, and polishing of jewelry sets, and pieces are also available. Furthermore, it also provides an easy return policy if you are disappointed with the product or have any issues.

Rogers Jewelry Return Policy-Know more

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