PSE Mail Processing Clerk USPS- What Do They Do?

The USPS PSE Mail Processing Officers manage the process of sorting and arranging mails for distribution, loading and unloading carrier trucks, and managing undeliverable mail. They are non-career employees and can be appointed after passing the required. The topic is- PSE Mail Processing Clerk USPS.

PSE Mail Processing Clerk USPS

Postal service employees (PSE) are non-career employees at the US Postal Service who oversees the sorting and making mails ready for onward distribution by a mail carrier. You can only become a USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk after passing the 476 exams of mail processors.

What Do PSE Mail Processing Clerks Do?

PSE Mail processing clerk spend their hours at the Post Office doing any of the following:

  • Making mails ready—Sorting and arranging—for the carrier to deliver them to designated recipients.
  • Operating the machinery for processing, sorting, and canceling mail.
  • Help customers with their challenges.
  • Ensuring that mail is ready to be loaded into carrier trucks.
  • Repairing damaged mail
  • Label mails and determines the direction they will go.
  • Loading and unloading mail trucks.
  • Fixing the cost of mail according to their weight.
  • Moving heaving items with machinery.

Do you need to Pass the Exam to Become a USPS Mail Processing Clerk?

All entry-level job candidates at the United States Postal Service, including the PSE Postal Service Clerk, must pass the exams to stand a chance of getting employed. They formerly called the exam 473, but it has been revised and divided into four: 2474 (Virtual Entry Assessment for Mail Carrier jobs), 475 (Virtual Entry Assessment for Mail Handler jobs, 476 (Virtual Entry Assessment for Mail Processing jobs), and 477(Virtual Entry Assessment – CS (477) for Customer Service Clerk jobs). The PSE Mail Processing Clerk takes the 476.

What is USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk Salary Range?

Glassdoor estimated the salaries of 484 USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerks and put the average pay at $19 per hour. Generally speaking, their salary ranges from $15 – $27 per hour. On Indeed, the average annual salary of a United States Postal Service Processing Clerk is $33,417. These estimates are only for educational purposes. It is always best to speak with the potential employer about the specific salary in their branches.

What does the USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk Exam Look Like?

What Are the Requirements for the USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk Position?

Apart from the other criteria—like scoring 70 and above in your exam, a USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk must tick these boxes:

  • Be at least 18 years or 16 years old plus a high school diploma.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Must be able to tender employment history.
  • Must pass the drug test.
  • Must have no record of criminal involvement in the past.
  • Must pass your medical assessment.
  • Must be able to tender employment history.

What is the Structure of the USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk Exam?

The entry exam for a PSE mail processing clerk is divided into four stages.  They are as follows:

  1. Work Scenarios: The questions at this stage are designed to assess how the candidate would handle simulated work situations. You would need to answer between 8-10 questions here.
  2. Tell Your Story: be sure to tell your story because the assessors want to know about you. They want to know specific aspects of your previous jobs. Prepare to answer questions about any part of your employment history, including the way you have worked with the people you have previously worked with.
  3. Describe Your Approach: this stage aims to understand your kind of personality and how you would behave under certain circumstances. There are between 56 and 79 questions here.
  4. Check for Errors: this aspect will assess your ability to recognize patterns. You will be required to compare 8 numbers in different groups to see if they look similar.

Can a PSE Mail Processing Clerk Become a Career Employee?

A  PSE Mail Processing Clerk can become a career employee at USPS after a few years. puts the minimum number of years to become a career employee at two.


The USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk is a non-career position. They manage the sorting and preparation of mail for delivery and they also file them away when if they cannot be delivered. To be appointed as a USPS PSE Processing Clerk, you have to pass the exams and all the background checks and requirements. PSE Processing Clerk can progress to career employment at USPS after some years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk request to be transferred to another location?

Yes. A PSE Clerk can request to transfer to another installation and USPS grants such requests. 

Can USPS Transfer a PSE Clerk on their own?

Yes. USPS can move PSE without their consent as the organization dims fit for performance.

Is USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerk Job Hard?  

The USPS PSE position is hard for persons that are not physically, emotionally, and mentally tough.

What Are PSE Mail Processing Clerk Working Hours?

PSE Mail Processing Clerk works an average of 8 hours daily, 40 hours a week. The work hours can easily increase when the work schedule is busy. 

Do USPS PSE Mail Processing Clerks Get Overtime Pay?

Yes, PSE Mail Processing Clerks are scheduled to work 8 hours a week, 40 hours a week. If they work beyond these hours, they are entitled to overtime. 

PSE Mail Processing Clerk USPS- What Do They Do?

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