Does Royal Canin have a Loyalty Program?


Jean Cathary, a French Veterinarian treated cats and dogs as per their breeds. He unlike other veterinarians avoided the practice of providing the same medication to all the breeds, instead gave treated cats and dogs as per the nutritional requirements of every single breed. The treatment was successful, hence Jean Cathary registered the treatment with the trademark Royal Canin. Let’s know ‘Does Royal Canin have a loyalty Program?’

Does Royal Canin have a loyalty program?

Royal Canin understands that every breed is unique, keeping this in mind they have created the accurate formula with the required nutrients that have been carefully chosen to address the specific needs of purebred. Not only this, Royal Canin even considers the shape and texture, jaw structure, biting patterns, and many more of cats and dogs’ kibble for preparation of their diet food.

Does Royal Canin have a loyalty program?

Like any other company these days, Royal Canin to has a loyalty program to retain and reward its existing customers and to lure potential customers.

Binge into the article to know more about Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program.

What is a Loyalty Program?

It is wise to first understand the term Loyalty Program. Retaining customers has become of paramount importance in today’s world. Companies come with innovative techniques on a daily basis to keep and grow their respective customer base. One of the marketing strategies so introduced is the Loyalty Program.

Under the Loyalty Program, you as a customer are entitled to receive certain points in your customer’s account with that company on purchase of selective merchandise of the company. This way companies reward their customer for the trust and loyalty they place on the brand. Loyalty Program not only benefits the customer by offering points that can be redeemed later but also to the company by acting as the customer retention program as well. 

Binge into the article to know about the Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program.

What is the Loyalty Program of Royal Canin?

The tagline of Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program is “Shop, Collect, Redeem”. The tagline implies that with every purchase you make, you earn points, which you can redeem later once a certain number of points are collected. You will be entitled to gain certain points on the purchase of pet foods of Royal Canin. On collection of sufficient points, you will get a discount on your subsequent purchases with Royal Canin. 

The point system: As per the policy of Royal Canin, you earn 1 point on every penny you spend in buying Royal Canin pet foods (i.e. if you have 100 points that means you can expect a slash of 1 pound on your next purchase). Apart from points, you can even buy vouchers under Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program. The vouchers range from as low as 100 points (i.e. 1 pound) to as high as 1000 points (i.e. 10 pounds). 

What are the advantages and drawbacks of Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program?

Advantages: –

  • As said, for every penny spent you get a point credited in your customer account with Royal Canin which can be redeemed later in the form of a discount or by buying Royal Canin products worth of the collected points. 
  • You will also receive 400 free introductory points (i.e. 4 pounds/ 4 euros) on registering yourself with Royal Canin.
  • On subscribing with the Royal Canin, you not only get rewards/ points but also access to Royal Canin’s newsletter. You as a pet owner will be updated on a regular basis with tips related to the well-being of your pet.

Disadvantages: –

  • You are not eligible to earn the points if you shop from any store other than the Royal Canin’s store only. It implies that you cannot buy from any third-party vendor, even purchasing Royal Canin products via online mode is not an option if u want to earn loyalty points. This proves to be a major drawback that holds back the popularity of Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program.
  • Another demerit of the loyalty program is the expiry date. Royal Canin offers only 3 months to redeem the points collected. If the period of 3 months has elapsed from the issue of the points, then you are in no position to ask for a slash in your next purchase.

These are the main disadvantages due to which the customers of Royal Canin are not fully satisfied.


Royal Canin has been satisfying the needs of several pet owners across the globe who search for the best pet food for their respective pets. Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program is one of the rare loyalty programs that is generous in terms of offering loyalty points to its customers on every purchase they make from the stores of Royal Canin. However, there are certain loopholes as mentioned above that need to be taken care of in order to make Royal Canin’s Loyalty Program effective as far as providing benefits to the customers is a concern. 

Does Royal Canin have a Loyalty Program?

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