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Companies have been racing to keep up with the speed. The United States Postal Services is one of those entities that have embraced the tech changes till this moment. The USPS has even integrated most of its services into a mobile app where one can access its services remotely with just a click. USPS had recently come up with a feature called “click n ship”.

 USPS click n ship

The United States postal service’s feature click n ship permits individuals to create labels and thereafter print the labels online. The click n ship feature applies to various mailing services by USPS (including priority mails and priority express mails). The service is a free feature, customers are however expected to pay for the postage which is lower than the normal postal office charges.

How does Click-N-Ship work?

To know how the click n ship feature works, one has to follow the following process: 

Setting Up The Feature

There are a few considerations to be made before commencing creating a label. First, when one is using his or her box, they have to be aware of the weight of the package to print accurate postage,

For those without their boxes and who are not certain about the exact weight of their package, USPS flat rate shipping boxes or envelopes will do you a great deal. 

Label Creating

It is important to note that not all service postages can be purchased online. With that said, we can proceed with creating our label. Sadly, one cannot create a label for first-class (first class packages and first-class international package services. To create a label, one has to follow these processes.

  • To ensure that the return address entered is correct, one has to check on the “print a label window”.  On the “print a label” page, one can sign up for more options like tracking alerts.
  • Secondly, the destination address (delivery address0. This will be standardized by the USPS for better sending practices. Additionally, one can sign up for more actions in this heading including sending notification alerts to the recipient. The notification includes the package details and the other necessary info.
  • Thirdly, pick the shipping date. The shipping date is up to three days from the current one. The fourth process is to choose either a flat rate shipping service or not. If you do not use the flat rate shipping then you will have to record the package’s weight (weight should be in ounces).
  • Finally, you choose the types of service; either priority mail or priority mail express. Note that the priority mail express is faster than the priority mail. The other step gives access to set preferences (type of envelope or a specific box, personal reference number, and printer setting)

What USPS Services Qualify For Label Creation?

One can create a click n ship label for the following USPS services; 

  • priority mail international.
  •  priority mail.
  • priority mail express.
  • First-class package international.
  • global express guaranteed.
  • Priority mail express international.
Label printing

One is allowed to print their label on either the regular paper or purchase special paper at the post office. Regular paper requires thorough taping to avoid being destroyed by rain. 

Two important parts should be left untapped, postal use and barcode areas. 

One can decide to physically hand over the package to the post office or arrange for free package pick-up remotely.

How do you checkout after creating a label?

After setting preferences, the site will provide you with your shipping history and your address book before taking you to the check-out and payment page. 

In the process of checking out, one can choose to print out their label at the local post office using a USPS label breaker.

The label breaker is free. To get the label printed at the local post office, one has to take the taped package to the post office accompanied by the confirmation email. The post office will then print and affix the label on the customer’s behalf.

How much do the Usps boxes cost?

The good news is that the USPS flat rate boxes are charged at zero cost. One can walk into the nearest post office and be given at absolutely zero cost. Additionally, one can order the flat rate boxes online at no cost again. The post office will deliver the boxes at no cost within a few days after the order request.


USPS click n ship is a feature that allows customers to create and print their labels at the convenience of their homes. It allows customers to create, and print labels as well as arrange for the picking of the packages from their residences. The feature is free for all clients.


Q: Can One Cancel Usps Click N Ship?

A: the label automatically cancels itself once the “ship-by” date has passed. You do not have to cancel the label; all you have to do is wait for the date to expire.

Q: What Kind Of Label Does One Require For The Usps Click N Ship?

A: one does not require any special label. You can use the regular printer paper as long as it will be affixed properly.

Q: Are There Charges With Usps Click N Ship?

A: there are not any fees associated with the USPS click n ship. One will only pay for the postage fees depending on the package’s weight and destination.

USPS click n ship-Know more

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