Best buy Monitors Return Policy

Best buy is one of the largest dealers in consumers electronics in America. Best buy consumer electronics include monitors (gaming, ultrawide and curved), LCD monitors, and LED monitors. Let’s have a look at ‘Best buy Monitors Return Policy’.

Best buy Monitors Return Policy

Not every time will consumers be satisfied with the products sold to them. The dissatisfaction oftentimes results in to return of the merchandise. Consumers may at times return a product either because the product does not appear as exactly as it was seen, faultiness, breakage, and much more.

With that said, Best Buy has its policy regarding returns of its monitors. This article will focus on every set of details regarding Best Buy’s return policy and other frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Best Buy Monitors Return Policy

Best buy has three different return policies. The policies depend on the customers’ Best Buy membership. 

Best buy standard members are allowed to return monitors 15 days from the day of purchase. Elite members are allowed up to 30 days to return their monitors. Finally, the elite plus members are given up to 45 days to return their monitors in case of dissatisfaction.

What are the key requirements during monitoring returns at Best Buy?

When returning a monitor, customers need to provide the following;

  • Receipt to provide proof of purchase.
  • Alternatively, one can provide a packing slip as proof of purchase.
  • Alternative to the above two, a credit card statement is also accepted.
  • The monitor itself.

It is significant to note that the monitor should be in mint condition (new-like)

How does one return a monitor to Best Buy?

Monitors purchased at best buy can be returned in two ways, either 

  • Via an email.
  • Physical return to the store.

Does Best Buy monitor return policy allow a refund or an exchange?

The best buy return policy allows either a refund or an exchange of the monitor with a better one. The recompense depends on the period of return. 

Furthermore, Best buy allows one to take any monitor’s brand. The return policy dictates that the return period begins immediately after the monitor is delivered.

Is mandatory to return a monitor with the original packaging to Best Buy?

No, it is not mandatory. Best buy, however, requires a customer to make sure all the accessories are included. Accessories such as the power cables among others should be well packed.

Best buy will only be keen on the proof that the monitor was purchased in their store.

Does Best buy charge for missing accessories?

Absolutely. customers should be aware that they are responsible for any misplaced accessories. In addition to charging for missing accessories, Best buy also charges for lost packaging. The packaging charge is also known as a deduction fee for lost packaging.

How can one return a monitor via email to Best Buy?

As earlier mentioned, there are two ways of returning a monitor to Best Buy including via email.

To return a monitor via email, one has to,

  • Nice repackage the monitor into its package (if one still has the original package).
  • Add the receipt or packing slip (to provide proof that the monitor was purchased at Best Buy)
  • Include a return label with the reasons behind the return.
  • Repackage all the original accessories.
  • The package is ready for a return at Best Buy Return Centre.

Is one allowed to use mail services for the monitor’s return?

Best buy permits its customers to make returns via the United Parcel Service (UPS) or an insured United States Parcel Service (USPS). 

This is to allow easier tracking of the parcel. Additionally, the two carriers are the most convenient means of providing proof of delivery.

Can Best Buy accept monitor returns after the elapse of the return periods?

Best buy does not accept returns after the stipulated return periods based on the memberships. It is only within these return windows that Best Buy will guarantee a full refund or exchange of the monitor.

Can Best buy consider a monitor return without a receipt or proof of purchase?

Monitor returns are accepted as long as proof of purchase is provided. Alternative to the receipt, one can prove that they bought the monitor at Best Buy by providing the packing slip. Additionally, a customer can also provide a statement from the credit card to provide proof of purchase. 

Unfortunately, Best Buy cannot accept any return without proof of purchase from the customer. There have been situations where Best Buy accepted returns without valid proof.

Can Best accept open box monitors?

Best Buy accepts open box monitors. These include monitors from major brands like Samsung, LG, and others.

Where is Best Buy Return Centre located?

Best Buy return center is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The store’s address is 600 Park Loop Rd, Suite D, Shepherdsville, KY 40165.


Best Buy permits a customer to return monitors within the specified timeframes. 15 days for the standard customers, 30 days for the elite customers, and 45 days return policy for the elite plus members.

The monitor can either be used, unboxed, Open the box as long as the return is within the return periods.

Valid proof that the monitor was purchased at Best Buy is mandatory for every return. 


Q: Can one return a damaged monitor to Best Buy?

A: If the damage was incurred during the transit or delivery.

Q: Can you return a monitor without a receipt?

A: This only applies if the customer provides a valid alternative showing proof of purchase.

Best buy Monitors Return Policy

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