Where do you find Miso Paste in Grocery Stores?

Miso is a Japanese fermented paste that is used in a variety of recipes. Soybeans and soaked rice make up the paste. Let’s get the answer to ‘Where do you find Miso Paste in Grocery Stores?’.

Where do you find Miso Paste in Grocery Stores?

Where do you find Miso Paste in Grocery Stores?

In the supermarket store, Miso Paste is sometimes written as soybean paste. So, keep an eye on both descriptions. It’s packaged in jars and is most commonly found in Asian groceries.

Miso paste has its shelf in every grocery shop. However, the places are:

  • It can be found next to the tofu in the frozen food section or the cold storage section of the fresh food aisle. In addition, most stores stock it with other Japanese ingredients and soups in the international section.
  • These are the most common locations, although the store employees can be of assistance.

Types of Miso Paste

There are four different types of miso available in supermarkets. They are as follows:

1. White Miso: This is the most commercial miso. It is a bit salty and has more rice than soybeans.

2. Yellow Miso: This has cereals as the main ingredient, and its color is faintly yellow, hence the name. It has an aroma that’s non-sweet.

3. Red Miso: This has a strong flavor that is good for pasta dishes and chicken. The strong flavor comes from the fermentation process and has a lot of soybeans.

4. Mixed Miso: This contains a combination of miso pastes. It’s either mixture of red and white ones or the other way around. Awase miso is another term for it.

Stores that Sells it

The following supermarket stores have the best miso paste quality and prices:

  • Amazon

This is the best place to buy the product online. It’s always in stock and can be conveyed to your home.

  • Walmart

It can be found in a variety of places at Walmart. It’s in plastic bags on a stand or in the European aisle’s refrigerated section, which is close to the vegetable and canned foods sections. You can order it via their website if you don’t want to be stressed.

  • Kroger

They have most of the grocery goods available at low prices. So, if you’re looking for a place to get it cheap, Kroger is the place. They carry a variety of brands. To locate it in your region, use the online store locator.

  • Whole Foods

This is another store where you can get miso paste. Whole Foods Market is a great place to go if you’re looking for organic miso paste. They distribute pure, healthy, and nutritious foods, but it’s only available in the store.

  • Trader Joe’s

This is different from others because they have their brand which makes it more lovely and unique. It is arranged at the frozen stand and has different flavors. 

According to most customers, Trader Joe’s paste is nice but they do not take orders. So you’ll have to go to one of the locations to buy one.

  • Target 

You can also get it at Target; it’s usually near the soybean paste portion because it comes in a jar and is put in tubes.

  • Meijer

This retailer has affordable prices and many well-known brands, such as Hikari raw miso paste. They enable the use of an internet shopping tracker to obtain product details, including aisle position and determined consumers.

The Uses

Miso paste is widely known and can be used to make broths, soups, colorants, and meals, as well as vegetables and soy. Also, it is good to stir-fries that give added depth and richness to the taste.


Below are some benefits:

Miso powder is full of nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates, catalysts, and Lacto bacteria that are good for your digestive system.

Note: These health benefits can only come from the raw ones. If not, helpful microbes will be lost if you choose a processed brand. Always try and get the organic ones.


Here are some miso paste alternatives:

  • Soy sauce.
  • Stock made from vegetables.
  • Tahini.
  • Tamari.
  • Sauces made from fish, etc.

In conclusion, miso paste is widely available in supermarkets. You can get it either at the freezing spot or where foreign spices are arranged. It is accessible in a variety of colors. However, you can use any of the services to get your favorites at the places listed above.


Is it Possible for Miso Paste to Go Bad?

Although miso paste might spoil, it has a long shelf life. Check the expiration date and utilize it within a year of purchase; it’s unlikely to expire.

What Is the Smell of Miso Paste?

Because it is a fermented food, it has a yeast-like odor.

Where do you find Miso Paste in Grocery Stores?

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