Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac – Read to know

Despite the role of simple vacuum cleaners employed in the cleaning of carpets in the house and offices, many still seek that top-notch cleaner that will give them 100% satisfaction. Especially when a liquid/fluid is involved, it becomes difficult to get rid of such stains via simple cleaners. Let’s discuss ‘Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac’.

Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac

Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac

In this article, we will be exposing more of two cleaners that will give you that feeling of cleanliness you desire for your carpet. An insight into what carpet cleaners and wet vac are, how the machines work and a comparison between the two will be covered. Just stay put to the end to gain the information you need. 

What are Carpet Cleaners?

A carpet cleaner is a cleaning tool designed to aid in cleaning deep dirt stains, sometimes referred to as cleaner shampooers. They are tough stain tools for cleaning up upholstery, stairs, and hard-to-reach places. Most times, a combo cleaning pattern of using a vacuum first before the carpet cleaner is the best option. In scenarios where fiber is stuck to a carpet, the vacuum clears the dust while the carpet cleaner does the finishing work by erasing the stain and the fiber. 

How then does it Work?

Most commercial carpet cleaners employ at most five (5) basic principles which are- dry soil removal, soil suspension, extraction, grooming, and drying. With the use of a high filtration device to vacuum the carpet, the dust is absorbed and trapped thereby exposing the fibers and stains. The carpet cleaner uses a cleaning solution that is allowed to spread around the intended site while it extracts the fibers, dirt, and debris. 

The carpet cleaner uses a heat-wave technology that helps to maintain a consistent water temperature while cleaning is ongoing. The pump system forces the liquid solution to permeate into the carpet, and by extraction, the carpet cleaner extracts the dirt and debris. The carpet cleaner has two tanks which are the solution and dirt tanks. The solution tank houses the liquid solution while the debris, pollen grains, dirt, and stains are taken up to the dirt tank. 

It is good to know that it has a heating unit that can steam the water to 2000F making the water suitable for any stain which is resistant to cold temperatures. The cleaner has a grooming mode that enhances evaporation and allows for faster drying of the carpet. If the moisture is left for a long time, it can affect the carpet by allowing for molds to grow.  

Pros of Carpet Cleaners

  • Simple and easy to use with no technical training.
  • Less expensive
  • Fast drying
  • It is a good deep cleaner of dirt and stains
  • It is safe to use

Cons of carpet cleaners

  • If it malfunctions. It can lead to excessive wetting of the carpet

What is a Wet Vac?

Most wet vacs come as both wet-dry vacs which makes it possible to serve a dual purpose cleaning job wherein the dry and liquid spills are handled simultaneously by the wet-dry vac. This equipment is better than the normal vacuum cleaner. 

Although, it is believed to have been designed to suit complex and commercial buildings; currently, it is employed for domestic cleanings. Also, it can be used for any cleanup job such as in vehicles, workshops, garages, vans, etc with the cleaning rated high. 

Some wet vacs have a larger capacity vacuum which gives them an edge over other cleaners as there is a limited number of times in emptying the cleaners often due to its capacity. It is a versatile tool and has a powerful suction nozzle that suits any cleaning job and site. 

Its versatility is seen via the vacuuming of both dry and liquid with an option of also blowing off/away leaves through the blower port. One delightful thing to know is the fact that it is not cumbersome but has lightweight.  

How does it Work?

Its mode of action isn’t rocket science as it is quite simple when the individual uses it for a long time. It comes with two bucket chambers that separate the dirt into wet and dry. Through the intake port, the cleaner sucks up the dirt and based on the state goes to the appropriate bucket chamber. 

The wet vac also has a blower which functions well in blowing away leaves, snows, or any larger dirt on the carpet floor. It also has a tub which can contain water and most often, leaving the water after cleaning for a long isn’t advisable as the cleaner might produce foul and ugly smells. 

Pros of the Wet Vac

  • Cleans both wet and dry dirt
  • Has a large vacuum capacity
  • Has a powerful suction point
  • Efficient for routine cleaning of dirt and debris

Cons of the Wet Vac

  • Is a bit heavy
  • When the tub is left uncleaned, produces a foul smell

Which of them is better- Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac?

Both cleaning tools are unique in how they help in cleaning the carpet floor. However, the carpet cleaner has a greater effect or advantage over the wet vac because it does more deep cleaning. 

Carpet cleaner does more of shampooing the carpet or floor before it cleans it, unlike the wet vac that can only suck spill water on the carpet. 

Therefore, if you desire a deep clean on your carpet, be rest assured to go in for a carpet cleaner. 


These two cleaning tools are relevant once a cleaning job is required. While the wet vac can both clean both dry and wet dirt, the carpet cleaner does more of the shampooing. Invariably, one can say that the wet vac is suitable for daily routine purposes while the carpet cleaner is for a weekly purpose. 

Carpet Cleaner vs Wet Vac – Read to know

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