Is South Park on Hulu?

No one can ever really figure out what makes South Park so special, what is it that makes us ecstatic about four grade-schoolers and their politically satirical adventures that range from defeating monsters to traveling into outer space. Let’s discuss ‘Is South Park on Hulu?’.

Is South Park on Hulu?

Even the creators’ Matt Stone and Trey Parker couldn’t figure it out. Deemed to be too controversial for regular cable the show was picked up in 1997 by Comedy Central and the rest was history. The show managed to save Comedy Central which in itself was a struggling network at the time and also revolutionized the sitcom business. There truly have been very few staples in the history of television and South Park is one of them. 

Even as we crossed into the era of Rick and Morty’s interdimensional adventures and Bojack Horseman’s morose comedy South Park remains in the top five list of animated sitcoms to watch. Now as we move from the cable era to the streaming era people are trading in their televisions for ipads and they want to know where they can watch the much-beloved 25 seasons (except the controversial few episodes …you know what we’re talking about )

For a long time, South Park had an exclusive deal with Hulu which started from 2014 

But if you’re wondering

whether you can still watch South Park on Hulu?

No, you can’t.

After a contract renewal that ended in 2020. South Park can no longer be streamed on Hulu. why is that you ask? No one knows for sure, All we can know for sure is that after six years the show was picked up by HBO max who were priming themselves to be a major player in the streaming industry. 

For any other causes, we can only speculate, but we’ve given you some possible reasons:

  1. Hulu was always owned by Disney and thematically South Park cannot be considered “proper” for Disney audiences.
  1. The creators’ Matt Stone and Trey Parker always branch out and always have new content, with a Paramount deal for several specials the controversial duo always have something to offer.
  1. Hulu isn’t the only option out there. Though Hulu was considered ‘awesome’ in 2010 it wouldn’t be right to say that its the only option out there for streaming. Netflix, amazon prime, and even Disney’s own Disney + streaming service will be happy to take its place 

So where can you actually watch South park?

All the episodes except the before mentioned “controversial” few can be streamed on HBOmax for as little as $9.99

Already have a Hulu account?

If you’re one of those people who already have a Hulu account you can simply add HBO and enjoy the premium content 

Where can I stream the banned content? 

If you’re looking to stream episodes for free then your best bet would be www. Southpark. cc where you can watch all 25 seasons for free 

Is South park worth it? 

To put it simply -Yes it is. People find it difficult to catch up with old tv shows. They find it cumbersome to go to the beginning to watch the poor animation and they find it even more difficult to accept the format when they start watching it from the middle as they have no context. But rest assured South Park is worth it. Yes it may take some time for you to become accustomed to the animation style and the raunchy comedy but there’s a reason South Park is one of the greatest animated sitcoms of all time 

The animation style in the first few seasons although unusual gives an aesthetic feel of people trying to make you laugh at the same time not trying that hard either. That’s why they say ‘love it or hate it’. some people may find it offensive but let’s face it. Its the year 2022 and at this point nothing is untouchable when it comes to comedy. What’s special about South Park is that they did it 25 years ago 

Now if you find it difficult to start from the beginning you can always watch the movie: South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut. There you have it, folks! as south park crosses 25 years and just seems to keep on coming. In life, there are few certainties and cartman bruh and the south park middle school boys seem to be one of them. 

Is South Park on Hulu?

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