Does UNIQLO Do Alterations?

UNIQLO is a Japanese casual wear designer and retailer that arrived in the United States in 2005. It introduced to the US market the concept of LifeWear: clothing designed to make your life better. After a warm embrace of the store by the country, UNIQLO expanded and now it counts 43 stores. If you’re reading this, you may be wondering about the benefits offered by UNIQLO, thinking “is it worth it?”, and the answer is yes, but you’re just about to understand why. 

Does UNIQLO Do Alterations?

UNIQLO cares about you loving what you wear every day and the store helps you to do it by offering an alterations service. This way, the items you buy are definitely worth your love. This article contains the specifications of this service, along with how to request it and how much you can expect to pay. 

UNIQLO Alterations

UNIQLO is compromised to deliver the best bottoms to customers; this is why the store offers alterations for this product category. Every type of bottom sold by the store applies for alteration. The best thing is that you can have your items altered even before they are delivered to you. 

The store manages two techniques to alter the items: Visible or Lock Stitch and Hidden or Blind Stitch. The former may leave traces of the old stitching, which is removed when altered, while the latter guarantees invisible stitching. Because the Hidden stitch is more complex, it is more expensive too. 

The cost for altering a bottom at UNIQLO also depends on the desired type of stitching:

  1. Lock Stitch
  • It is free for items above $20.
  • It costs $5 for items below $20.
  1. Blind Stitch
  • It costs $5 for items above $20.
  • It costs $10 for items below $20.

How To Request An Alteration?

It is possible to have your items altered by making an alteration booking in-store, or by requesting it while purchasing online. 

In-Store Purchase

  1. Take the UNIQLO items to alter to the store. 
  2. Take the receipt with you as well.
  3. Book the alteration with a UNIQLO representative.
  4. Provide the representative with your desired measures. 

Online Purchase

  1. Measure yourself.
  2. Select your specific measures (or the ones closer to your actual measures) on the app or online store. 
  3. Choose a type of alteration if necessary. 
  4. Go to the checkout and pay as usual. 

*Don’t forget to include your delivery information. Then, wait for your new and improved bottoms!

How To Pick Up An Altered Item?

The way you collect an altered item also depends on the way you’ve requested it: Online or in-store.

In case you requested the alterations online, the altered item(s) will be delivered to your door. However, because the alterations can take some time, you can expect a delay on the delivery of 2 days maximum. 

If you take the item to the store to be altered, you should re-visit the store on the date you were told that your items would be ready. The time of wait varies per store. Be sure to bring your ID and/or the receipt of your alterations service.

Extra Considerations 

There are a few considerations you should know about the UNIQLO alterations service, just so you be sure to get the best possible result. 

  • For the moment, only bottoms can be altered by the store. 
  • Only UNIQLO items can be altered. 
  • Alterations service is available for any UNIQLO bottom, no matter if it wasn’t purchased recently, but the only condition is: The item must be unworn. 
  • If you wait longer than 90 days to collect your altered item(s), the store will dispose of them. 
  • Alterations fees of never-collected items are not refundable. 

UNIQLO Repair Services

In addition, to provide alterations services, UNIQLO offers repair services to improve the lives of its goods and guarantee they can continue being loved by you for a long time. This service is currently only available at UNIQLO SoHo, in New York. The repair service is meant to grant customers the best assistance to repair any UNIQLO item. Up to now, the repairs offered are:

  • Replacement of buttons.
  • Replacement of zipper tooth. 
  • Patch hole and moth hole repairs.
  • Repair of seam rip.

The service is not exclusive to bottoms and the only condition is that the item must be clean before presenting it at the store. The cost for the UNIQLO repair service is $5, disregarding the type of mend requested. 


As expected from a brand that was born from the love of fashion, UNIQLO makes great efforts to help customers also love their clothes, through an alterations service and, also, a repair service. However, only bottoms are eligible for alteration and they must be unworn. To make the desired alterations, you can select between a lock stitch and a hidden stitch, in consideration of your needs. The price to get your items either altered or repaired is really affordable as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What days is the UNIQLO repair service available at the SoHo store?

It is open Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 8:00 p.m.

For what items is the hidden stitch recommended?

UNIQLO recommends this stitch for formal pants. 

Does UNIQLO Do Alterations?

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