Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount

Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation is an American company that was started in 1966 to distribute Omega bikes and improve them for the customers who wanted more excitement. The company is now headquartered in Chicago and sells its motorcycles under its brand name Kawasaki even if they are sourced from other manufacturing companies. Over the decades, Kawasaki has become a large and well-known company in America with distribution centers and engine manufacturing plants in New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Missouri. This article explains ‘Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount’.

Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount

Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount

This month of March, Kawasaki has an active military discount on their products for all active, reserve, and retired United States military personnel. If any military customer makes a purchase of a Kawasaki vehicle in any model or year they can receive a discount of up to $250 off the initial vehicle price. This discount applies to all vehicles that are stocked by Kawasaki. However, to maintain order when applying for this discount, the company has highlighted some qualifications to be met by the military customers.

Eligibility for Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount

Kawasaki Corporation offers a good number of discounts that apply to different people. The best place to access and get more information is the Kawasaki official website where they highlight all the discounts and their requirements and how to apply them. The military discount at Kawasaki is arguably one of the highest in terms of rate and the best in terms of ease of its use.

There are simple steps to follow to verify your eligibility for the Kawasaki military discount and use it to the maximum.

  1. You need to provide a valid verification of military status, such as the US military identification
  2. The military discount requires that you create an ID.me account using your email address and US military ID
  3. Once the verification process is authenticated by the ID.me network, you can visit the Kawasaki official website and shop for vehicles you like
  4. Apply your unique discount code on the checkout page and finish the payment of the remaining balance.

Additionally, the products eligible for this particular discount are those that are new and unused and no retail sales or product registration has been previously accepted or processed by Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp.

Restrictions on the use of this discount

Kawasaki Corp requires that this discount is only used by members of the US military community which includes members on active duty, those on reserve, the National Guard, and veterans of all US military branches. Further restrictions are – 

  • This discount can only be used by military personnel and not their immediate family members or friends
  • The military discount at Kawasaki can only be used by online shoppers and is not available for those who want to purchase vehicles in store
  • The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer that may be listed on the products at any one time
  • Although the discount can be used to purchase all other models of vehicles, the current Ninja H2 all-year model and carbon model are excluded from this discount as well as any other vehicles that may be used or processed by the corporation.

It is also important to note that the Kawasaki military discount is currently active until the end of March 2022. However, there may be additional offers and discounts afterward. Keep an eye out for more military benefits on their official site.

Other ways to save money at Kawasaki

The first responders, who are also considered part of the military community due to the nature of their work, are offered Kawasaki discounts from time to time on their site. Additionally, the company gives free shipping on the purchase of vehicles that reach the lowest charge. The free shipping policy can be found on the official Kawasaki page as well as more information on other promotional discounts they offer such as Black Friday deals and employee discounts.


Kawasaki is very generous with its military discount of $250 off orders made. They give this active discount as a way of showing appreciation to the men and women who have sacrificed their time and given their lives in service to protect their country. Although this discount is only active for this month, Kawasaki continues to give other generous discounts for the members of the military community throughout the year.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Does the Kawasaki military discount apply to immediate family members of the military personnel?

According to the information on their website they have exclusively offered this discount to people who have a valid US military ID which they must provide and verify before purchase.

  1. Can members of other countries’ military access this discount?

Unfortunately, the Kawasaki military discount can only be used by the members of the United States Military and not military men from any other country.

  1. Who qualifies for this discount?

Military personnel on active duty, reserves, retirees, and veterans of all US military branches all qualify to use this discount.

Kawasaki Veteran and Military Discount

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