Nolah Mattress Return Policy – Read to know

Guaranteeing customers refund or exchange of items they purchase from a store in case they are dissatisfied with them is one of the ways that stores are using to win customers and offer competition. The policy states the entire process to be followed and the customers must be made aware of its existence. This article explains the Nolah Mattress Return Policy.

Nolah Mattress Return Policy

Nolah Mattress offers customers a return policy for governing returns of various items bought at their store. The policy stipulates the process of return, return period, limitations, and terms and conditions as outlined and must be followed by the customer and the store for a successful return to take place ensuring customer satisfaction has been met. 

Overview of Nolah Mattress return policy 

Nolah Mattress’s return period 

The return period in Nolah Mattress depends on the items the customer had bought as illustrated below. 

  • Mattress 

The customer has to first use the mattress for at least 30 nights and return it within 120 nights from the date of purchase to be eligible for a refund or exchange. 

  • Adjustable base 

A customer can return an adjustable base within 14 days from the date of delivery if they are not satisfied.

  • Platform bases 

Platform bases bought from Nolah Mattress cannot be returned for refund or exchange. 

  • Pillows and other accessories 

To return a pillow, bed sheets, mattress, duvets, pillow protectors, and blankets bought, a customer needs to adhere to the 30 days return period from the date of delivery to be eligible for a refund. 

Nolah Mattress return process 

To return any of the items bought from Nolah Mattress, a customer must first get in touch with Nolah Mattress by sending an email to or call 1-866-403-6615 to request a return and must ensure they are within the return period as stipulated for various items.  

For a mattress return,

The customer must ensure they have used the mattress for at least 30 nights from the delivery date and the mattress is in good condition. After getting in touch with Nolah Mattress, the customer has to provide the reason for return, once approved, the customer schedules an appropriate date that the mattress will be picked up by an authorized party within two weeks after return approval for refund or exchange process to begin. 

To return a pillow or any other accessory purchased from Nolah Mattress,

They have to be in a good state. The customer then packages the items and ships them back to Nolah Mattress after the return request has been approved using their preferred carrier or purchased return label from Nolah Mattress. 

Nolah Mattress refund process

The refund process of a mattress commences once the removal and pickup have been done by a third party. Nolah Mattress will refund the customer the full purchase price of the mattress if the customer returns the mattress and any other offer item received with it or purchase price less the value of offer items if the customer returns only the mattress. The refund will take at least five business days and will be credited to the customer’s original form of payment used to buy the mattress. 

For the adjustable bases, pillows, and other accessories, the refund process begins once the shipment has been received and confirmed to be in a perfect state. The refund is credited to the original form of payment used to buy the items. 


  • A customer cannot request to return a mattress to Nolah Mattress if they are not satisfied with the comfort it provides if they have used the mattress in less than 30 nights or more than 120 nights from the date of delivery. 
  • A customer is allowed to return only one mattress, adjustable base, pillow, or accessories for refund or exchange within the return period and the item has to be in a good state as it was delivered.  
  • Nolah Mattress will only grant a customer request to return a mattress if the reason for return is due to the comfort the mattress provides and not any other reason in the 120-nights trial period. 

Nolah Mattress return policy terms and conditions

  • If a customer decides to not be involved in the 120-nights trial period of a mattress they have purchased, they will not be eligible for any refund or exchange but the mattress will be covered by the warranty terms and conditions. 
  • Nolah Mattress can only affect one mattress exchange to a different model or size. The customer will cater for the cost of delivery and pickup of the mattress within the 120-nights trial period. 
  • The mattress removal and pickup fee for a mattress scheduled for return catered for by the customer are non-refundable.  
  • The adjustable bases must be returned to an address provided by Nolah Mattress for the customer to be eligible for a refund and the customer will be refunded the shipping fee if they received a wrong order or the item is defective. 
  • Any unused or unopened mattress is not eligible for refund or exchange and Nolah Mattress will not grant the customer a return request or schedule for removal or pickup. 

The Nolah Mattress return policy guarantees customers of their satisfaction as they purchase items from them. The policy makes the customer feel the care provided to ensure they are comfortable and can trust items sold at Nolah Mattress.   

Nolah Mattress Return Policy – Read to know

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