Puffy Mattress Return Policy – Know more

Good sleep is equivalent to a good mattress. Usually, people are occupied with several considerations while purchasing a mattress online. Puffy is a leading mattress brand awarded by Forbes, Mattress advisor, Healthline, People, and many more for elevating the sleep experience. ” Puffy mattress 101-night sleep trial guaranteed better sleep “is exciting but left in puzzlement. If you are planning to buy a Puffy mattress and are baffled about the return policy or refund or “Puffy mattress’ 101-night sleep trial guarantee ” you are at the right place. Read on and be assured of all about the Puffy mattress return policy right here.

Puffy Mattress Return Policy

About Puffy 

Puffy is a leading mattress brand in the USA that aims at providing comfortable sleeping. Deals in mattresses, Bedframes, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, mattress protectors, blankets, etc.

You can easily purchase your sleeping requisites with easy financing options, the best return policies, and an easy shopping experience.

Puffy Mattress Return Policy

Puffy makes mattress shopping easier. It provides an easy return policy, a 101-day trial guarantee, and easy refunds without much hustle. If you are planning to purchase a soft and luxury foam mattress take a look at the puffy return policy.

14 days minimum time

Puffy aligns comforting its users with quality mattresses.

However, if it does not suit you or you wish to return it then you have to use the mattress for a minimum of 14 days. Only after 14 days, the refund is processed.

101-night sleep trial

Puffy offers worry-free mattress shopping. Every mattress is in a 101-night sleep trial.

  • Try the mattress for 101-nights  
  •   The mattress doesn’t suit you
  •  Easily Return it 
  • Get the refund amount 

It takes 101-nights to fit your best and feel comfortable. The minimum period to return the mattress is 14 days. If the Puffy mattress does not suit, you can initiate the return and get a full refund. Return your puffy on the 101st day ( do not delay after 101 days).

Fast hustle-free returns

As soon as you find that a puffy mattress is not for you you can return the product after 14 days. The return is arranged without any delay and any extra charges within 2-5 business days just reach out to customer support with the order id.

Full refund amount provided

Once the return process starts the product is collected from your doorstep. Once the product is collected from the doorstep the refund is initiated.

Free shipping 

They do not charge any shipping charges for returned products. The product is collected from your doorstep without any extra charges.

If the Puffy is shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, the shipping charge at the time of original product purchase is not refunded after you return it under the 101-night sleep trial policy.

Returned mattresses donated

All the mattresses returned are donated to a local charity or children’s welfare.

Return policy applicable on genuine puffy products

101-night sleep trial policy and return /refund policy applies on genuine puffy products purchased from puffy.com.


There are three scenarios to return the Puffy mattress. You can return it within 30 days.

Puffy recommends using the mattress for a minimum of 30days trial as it takes a minimum of 30 days to adjust to the luxury foam mattress. The minimum day to return it is after  14 days.

If you wish to return it before 30 days you can return it after 14 days.

Else you can return it within the 101-night sleep trial policy. Puffy Mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial policy that allows you to try the mattress for 101 days and return it in case you don’t like it and get a full refund. You have to return the mattress directly to puffy on the 101st day from the day the product was delivered to you.


Do puffy sell only mattresses?

Puffy deals in a large range of products such as Puffy, Bed frames, pillow Bed frames, Body pillows, comforters, mattress pads, Mattress toppers, Blanket, Mattress pads, Sheets, Dog beds, rugs, Mattress protectors.

Where can I purchase the puffy products?

You can buy Puffy products at Puffy.com

What to do if I have any queries related to Puffy products?

To return the puffy mattress directly reach out to their support team at support@puffy.com  along with your order id. The support team manages all the further processes and arranges fast and easy returns.

What is the 101-night sleep trial policy puffy?

A 101-night sleep trial policy is offered to customers when they purchase a puffy product. Every product purchased from puffy.com comes under this policy. It allows users to use their products for a maximum of 101 days as a trial period and return the product if it does not suit them and get a full refund.

Is the 101-night sleep trial policy only for mattresses?

No, the 101-night sleep trial policy is not only limited to mattresses it applies to all other products and accessories.

Puffy Mattress Return Policy – Know more

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