Disney Springs Have Wheelchairs/Handicap Carts

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Summer is always a merry time to enjoy with the family. Most people plan in advance their summer vacations to guarantee that they get the best deals available. One extremely popular vacation destination for the whole family is any Disney resort. Let’s concentrate on the Disney Springs shopping complex and a determining concern for some families: Does Disney Springs have wheelchairs and/or handicap carts?

Disney Springs Have Wheelchairs/Handicap Carts

Luckily for you and your family, Disney Springs is not only accessible for wheelchairs and handicap carts; you can also rent them inside of the complex for a whole day. Let’s review what is needed to rent any of these vehicles and other important information to help you decide if Disney Springs is your next summer destination. 

Disney Springs

The Disney Springs complex provides dining and shopping experiences outdoors. The complex is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and it opened in 1975. Disney Springs is divided into different areas like Town Center, West Side, The Landing, and Marketplace. Each area guarantees unparalleled entertainment. 

As a guest, you can transport from other Disney World areas to Disney Springs or vice versa. Buses and taxis operated by Disney are available too. Feel free to know more about the things to do at Disney Springs by visiting disneyworld.disney.go.com. 

Wheelchairs At Disney Springs

Everyone can enjoy themselves at Disney parks and complexes, and people who are unable to walk are not exempt because wheelchairs are available for rental even at Disney Springs. 

The daily price for rental is $12. In case you’re planning on renting a wheelchair for more than one day, you can pay in advance for the extra days that you’re staying. An important thing to notice is that this service is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must arrive early to guarantee that you get the service. Reservations are not accepted. 

Guests planning on renting a wheelchair must be 18 years old or older to pay for the service and an ID with a photo will be required. Please notice that wheelchairs available for rental at Disney Springs can only support a person at a time, and the maximum weight supported is 350 pounds. 

Handicap Carts At Disney Springs

At Disney Spring, getting a handicap cart is also possible! These vehicles go under the name of Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) and they’re available for rent, just like wheelchairs. 

The price for renting an ECV at Disney Springs is $50 per day. In contrast to wheelchairs, which can be rented for more than one day, you can’t rent an ECV for more than one day in advance. But you can leave the vehicle on hold if you need to leave Disney Springs and return the same day. 

You also need to arrive early if you plan to rent an ECV because the available vehicles are limited and reservations are not accepted. In this case, only people older than 18 years old can rent and OPERATE the ECV. This vehicle supports up to 450 pounds and only one person per time. 

Where To Rent Wheelchairs / Handicap Carts At Disney Springs?

You can rent a wheelchair or an ECV at the Sundries rental place that is located next to the Town Center bus loop at Disney Springs. Another rental place is located near Singapore Sal’s. Since rentals are transferable between locations, you only need to rent the vehicle once to use it the whole day and everywhere inside of Disney Springs. 

*For extra reference, the rental location at Sundries is near Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill. 

*In case of needing more information, or if you want to discuss a specific concern, you are welcome to contact Disney Disability Services at disability.services@disneyparks.com or by calling (407) 560-2547. 

Renting A Wheelchair/ Handicap Cart Outsides Of Disney Springs

Since both wheelchairs and ECVs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at Disney Springs, there’s a chance that they are gone pretty fast. In this case, you are still able to rent from an outside vendor. These outside vendors serve Disney regularly, and they also provide delivery and pickup, but you’ll need to make all the arrangements by yourself to acquire the service from them. 

For further notice, you can rent a wheelchair or ECV from an outside vendor and bring it inside of Disney Springs as long as it is not bigger than 32” x 52”. You also don’t need to worry about accessibility because all Disney properties are conditioned for wheelchairs and ECVs. 

  • One of Disney’s featured providers of wheelchairs and ECVs is ScooterBug. You can consult its service via the internet (scooterbug.com/orlando) or phone call ((800) 726-8284). 


Although wheelchairs are cheaper to rent than ECVs, it’s a lifesaving opportunity to count with both vehicles available for rental at Disney Springs. It is also possible for you to rent from an outsider vendor like Scooter Bug. With all this information, you shouldn’t have anything else to worry about, so get ready for enjoying a pleasant time at Disney Springs this summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I save money if I rent a wheelchair in advance for more than one day? 

No. The chance to save by renting in advance a wheelchair for more than one day is limited to the Disney theme parks. 

If I take my own ECV or wheelchair to Disney Springs, can I store it at Disney Springs?

No, you can’t. You also can’t leave it unattended.

Disney Springs Have Wheelchairs/Handicap Carts

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