Who Does Sephora Use For Shipping?

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Sephora is a worldwide known store where you can find the best makeup and personal care products. No matter where you are, excellent service is guaranteed. On this occasion, instead of focusing on the in-store services offered by Sephora, let’s speak about another crucial element that takes place outside of the store: is delivery and shipping process. More specifically, let’s speak about who Sephora employs for shipping thousands of products every day. 

Who Does Sephora Use For Shipping

The French beauty retailer mostly uses USPS to ship its orders. The costs of shipping depend on the amount paid for the order and whether you request a standard or faster delivery. Other carriers are also used by Sephora, but USPS is more common for select types of delivery. Keep on reading to find out more about them!

Sephora Overview

Sephora is a French retailer that specializes in beauty and personal care products. The store, based in Paris, was founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud. Today, Sephora features near to 500 brands and operates more than 2,700 stores in the world. Speaking of the United States, Sephora was introduced in 1999. Some exclusive brands of Sephora are the Sephora Collection. Others, like Fenty Beauty (by Rihanna) and Rare Beauty (by Selena Gomez), were first introduced to the global market by Sephora. 

Buying beauty products is not the only attraction at Sephora. You can also get brow, lip, and/or chin waxing service, a perk lip or face treatment by HydraFacial, a skincare consultation, and of course, get a whole makeover done by a makeup artist. Select Sephora stores also feature special events with brands demonstrations in-store. 

Sephora Shipping Methods

Sephora offers multiple shipping methods. Each of them is listed below along with its cost and restrictions:

Standard Day Shipping 

There are two types of Standard Day Shipping: One that applies as FREE for orders of $50 or more; and the other, which costs $6.50, applies for orders under $50. Disregarding the name of this shipping option Standard Day Shipping takes from 1 to 3 business days to arrive. Due to current circumstances (COVID-19) 

Guaranteed 1 Business Day Shipping

This shipping method promises that orders arrive in 1 business day at their destination. This option costs $16.95. 

Guaranteed 2 Business Day Shipping

In contrast to the former shipping option, this one takes 2 business days and thus costs a little less: $10.95. 

USPS Priority

For orders over $50, this option is completely free; meanwhile, it costs $6.95 for orders less than $50.

In the case of gift cards or their electronic equivalent, Sephora provides free shipping/delivery. This option is carried by USPS and takes from 3 to 5 days. In case you require faster shipping, you can request one of the two Guaranteed Shipping methods. 

USPS Overview

USPS is an abbreviation for The United States Postal Service and thus it provides postal services to the country. The organization was formed in 1971 and is based in Washington D.C. Approximately, 660 million pieces of mail are daily delivered by USPS in the country. 

Some current competitors of USPS are FedEx, UPS, and even Amazon, which serve as Private Package Delivery Services. However, USPS is the only postal service with access to letterboxes in the United States.  

When Does Sephora Use USPS?

This carrier is used for shipments to P.O. boxes, Alaska, and Hawaii. FPO, DPO, and APO addresses are also handled by USPS Priority, although packages may take longer to arrive at these destinations. 

Other Carriers Used By Sephora

Depending on the destination, Sephora may use a different carrier. Some other post carriers used by Sephora are FedEx, UPS, Ontrac, and Lasership. The only way to know which one will carry your order is until you receive a tracking number from Sephora. 

The way carriers are determined to ship Sephora orders also depends on which can retrieve merchandise from Sephora warehouses faster. 

How to track your order with a different carrier:

The way Sephora confirms that your order is ready to be shipped is via email. By checking that e-mail, you will be able to access both the order’s tracking number and a link to the specific carrier site. 

You can also track an order by accessing the following site on Sephora’s website:  sephora.com/profile/MyAccount/Orders


If your Sephora order is being delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, a P.O. box, or any military address, it is probably being shipped with USPS. Every Sephora gift card is also delivered by this postal carrier. When a standard delivery is requested, other carriers might carry the shipment of orders depending on how fast they can retrieve Sephora merchandise from warehouses. Overall, the store guarantees the arrival of your order as fast and safely as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When do I know my order’s time of estimated delivery?

You may review this information at the checkout.

Can I ship to a FedEx store?

Yes, you can. Just select the option “Ship to a FedEx Pickup Location” at the checkout. Then you’ll be required to specify both a FedEx Store location and the designed pickup person (if it’s not you). 

Where does the name Sephora come from?

Sephora comes from the spelling of Zipporah, the wife of Moses.

Who Does Sephora Use For Shipping?

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