Noel Leeming’s Phone Return Policy – Read to know

Noel Leeming is New Zealand’s emerging retailer for technology and appliances of popular brands. You can get a new range of technology and all kinds of kitchen appliances in a single place. This article explains Noel Leeming’s Phone Return Policy.

Noel Leemings Phone Return Policy

Noel Leeming’s Phone Return Policy

The company provides online and in-store service with a 24/7 helpline. All the products are from popular brands with the best possible prices. You can return or exchange your mobile within 14 days of purchase in its actual packing includes faulty products. The used mobile does not return at the original price. Take a warranty card, accessories with the original packaging, and receipt for a refund.

Plan return policy:-

You want to return or cancel the Noel Leeming service plan, you have 14 days to claim the original price and refund plan. Noel Leeming provides you with 28 days in their extended exchange warranty.

Store refund policy:-

To claim a refund for store purchase, take your product that should be unused with all invoices and a receipt at any Noel Leeming store. Products purchased in-store can only be refunded by the store return policy.

Online refund policy:-

Call customer care on 0800 44 44 88. If customer care agrees on the eligibility of product returns then send the item by courier post. The products that obtain online can be claimed for an online refund policy.  

Damaged product refund policy:-

If you received a broken product, make a claim within two days and contact the customer care team at 0800 44 44 88 for further process.

Product protection policy:-

In product protection policy, you can get an automatic replacement of your products without any assessment fees. The products must be under $500.

  • Power surge policy:

This policy covers any damage that occurs due to a power surge.

  • No assessment fees:

If you take no assessment fees policy, the company will look into faulty products without charges.

  • Price protection:

If you find a cheaper product in 30 days after making a purchase, the company will refund extra money.

  • Lemon protection:

Three times broken items can be replaced with a lemon protection policy.

Damage protection policy:-

If you are worried about your everyday technology (mobile, camera, and tablets), the damaged protection policy will give you peace of mind. 

  • Damage cover:

If you break or drop your product, accidental damage cover provides two claims in one year.

  • Theft:

In case of robbery, the company provides two claims in one year. Premium members will have the same benefits.

  • Automatic replacement under $500:

If you break your product, it can be replaced under a $500 replacement policy.

  • Price protection:

If you find a cheaper product after purchasing within 30 days, the company will compensate for the additional amount.

  • Lemon protection:

Replace your product for three-time, under lemon protection.

  • Unlimited breakdown recovery:

You can replace your tech anytime you need, with an unlimited breakdown policy.


Noel Leeming provides a phone return policy within 14 days in their stores and online purchase. The company accepts products if they are not used and in their original state with all provided invoices and unfilled documents. Damaged and faulty products are repaired under different policies provided by the company.


Products that can not be refunded in Noel Leeming?

The 14-day exchange or return policy does not apply to all products, except faulty ones. The Excluded items are:

  • Headphone/earphones
  • Software
  • Wearables items
  • Vouchers
  • Open printer cartridges
  • Personal care products
  • Cards like SIM cards, Recharge cards.

How can I repair my products on Noel Leeming?

If you purchase from Noel Leeming, the company will book an authorized agent to repair your product. 

  • Contact customer care to find a possible resolution for your product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  •  Contact customer care to lodge your claim for a warranty item.

What is a mobile phone assessment bond?

If you want to claim repair on Noel Leeming, you have to pay the mobile assessment bond, which is $55. In case of product repair under warranty, manufacturing fault, or any other policy offered by the company like a damaged protection policy, the assessment fee is fully returned. However, if the fault is not included in the warranty or the warranty expired, the bond fee will be used as part of the assessment expense.

How to transfer my service protection plan to another person?

You can transfer your service protection plan to another person if your item is sold or provided to another person. Transfer the remaining service protection plan by contacting customer care.

What is “MyTechSolution” in Noel Leeming?

Noel Leeming provides comprehensive service and support for your purchase in the MyTechSolution plan. 

  • Provide support in getting a repair for your damaged or faulty products.
  • Get free vouchers of $20 on your initial three anniversaries.
  • Get free delivery and item exchange in an In-home plan.
  • Get a free tech device set up by a specialist.
  • Get two visits per year for any tech solution in the store.
  • Get remote phone and chat service for free until your plan ends.

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Noel Leeming’s Phone Return Policy – Read to know

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