Jitterbug Phone Return Policy – Know More Facts


Jitterbug is known as the phone for older citizens. Their phones help older citizens take advantage of the technology by connecting and communicating with loved ones. Not only that, they are specially designed to help track the health of their users with a special paid package. Learn about Jitterbug Phone Return Policy.

Jitterbug Phone Return Policy

Does the Jitterbug Have A Phone Return Policy?

Yes. Jitterbug has a phone return policy for customers who got a Jitterbug phone and are not satisfied. As expected, there are certain rules and guidelines to be followed before such returns can be made.

What Does the Jitterbug Manufacture?

Jitterbug phones are phones built to provide cell phone service to an underserved senior population. These phones help older citizens connect and communicate with loved ones. They are specially designed so that they can add some senior-specific features to the phone plan such as urgent care virtual doctor visits. The phone also allows loved ones to keep track of the users

Every plan has an immediate response and connects you to an emergency operator in case of an urgent medical emergency. The plans are also budget-friendly and affordable. The phone is very easy to set up and one of the cheapest and most affordable phones on the market 

The Jitterbug phones feature huge buttons, loudspeakers, and hearing aid compatibility, as well as buttons for emergency response services, large-print text, and a magnifying tool. They also have batteries that last a long time. Anyone with a hearing or vision impairment should consider purchasing this phone.

The most important feature of Jitterbug that makes it different from other phones is the special health and safety package. The urgent care package gives you access to a medical practitioner. The app allows for live facetime with a  doctor or nurse about medical concerns and prescriptions and refills of medication. It also helps lookup phone numbers and locates grocery/pharmacy stores close by. 

How To Return Items Purchased From Jitterbug?

Returning items and requesting refunds from Jitterbug is quite easy and straightforward. All purchases made in-store are refunded to the Jitterbug store. Returns for online orders should be directed to the customer service center. 

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the device, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. With that done, you can return the phone so your activation fee, the first-month service charge, and the cost of the phone plus applicable tax can all be refunded.

There are two important requirements you’ll need to fulfill before your phone return policy is activated, they are;

  • If you have not exceeded any phone usage limitation ( for more information on this, you can read more on their website).
  • You have to return the phone in its new condition with the original box and all components or materials present and the company will be the determinant of that.

Processing a refund requires 21 working days. Refunds are also processed according to the payment method with which the customer made the initial purchase.

Customers should be aware that shipping fees are not refundable by Jitterbug. If you are interested in making more inquiries, you can contact their customer service department.

Does the Jitterbug Have a Warranty?

Yes, Jitterbug has a warranty. The warranty commences from the day the purchase was made by the first consumer purchaser of the product and lasts for the time indicated after that date. So, a customer receives a 12-month warranty from the original phone activation providing the proper use of the device and other accessories.  There is a year warranty on devices and accessories purchased from Jitterbug. However, the warranty does not cover:

  • Dents and scratches caused during use by the customer.
  • Damages are caused by natural disasters like explosions, floods, typhoons, lightning, whirlwinds, etc.
  • Damages are caused as a result of misuse, wrong storage, fluids, accidents, and physical or electrical means.
  • Normal wear and tear from use.
  • Damages caused by viruses or other software problems introduced into the products.

You can read extensively about their warranty policy on the company’s website as they have a detailed explanation on it.


Jitterbug is a telecommunication company that designs phones for older citizens and people with vision and hearing impairments. This is a significant contribution to society. With the various apps and packages, caregivers, and loved ones do not have to be so worried as they can track the device and the progress and can be alerted once an emergency has occurred. This simply shows that an unsatisfied customer can return the purchased product for a refund.


  • What is the target audience for Jitterbug?

The target audience for Jitterbug is the older citizens and those with vision and hearing impairment for its bright and bold text, loudspeaker, and hearing aid compatibility.

  • Can I exchange my phone at Jitterbug?

Yes, you can exchange your phone but you should note that an exchange might attract an extra fee. Once you exchange, you can no longer get a refund.

Jitterbug Phone Return Policy – Know More Facts

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