Does Sephora Do Makeup For Free?

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A Sephora makeup session is just what you need if you’ve ever browsed the aisles of a cosmetic store wishing you knew insider tips for and use all of their products. The shelves at Sephora are brimming with beauty and skincare products. Instead of figuring out all of the combos and options of beauty products on your own, book a Sephora makeup appointment and let the shop’s Beauty Advisors show you how. Keep on reading to know if Sephora offers a free makeup session or not.

Does Sephora Do Makeup For Free

Makeup appointments at Sephora are less expensive than you would expect. The 15-minute Mini Makeovers are free of charge. If you’re going to Sephora, you really should take advantage of one of the lengthier sessions.

Makeovers At Sephora

With the help and assistance of a qualified purchase, these makeovers can be redeemed as a gift for yourself as well! You only need to spend $50 or just use a $50 gift card to get the Custom Makeover. Clients that purchase goods worth $125 or more are eligible for the 90-minute session. Finally, if you’ve earned the VIB Rouge level through Sephora’s Beauty Insider reward program, you can attend any of the Sephora makeup workshops for free without making a purchase!

Mini Makeovers 

Come in for a complimentary 15-minute consultation on one single feature of your choice, so it can be something like the skin, the eyes, or the lips. Services can help you find the right foundation shade or master a smoky eye. There is no need to make a reservation; walk-ins are welcome. Availability is subject to change. These services are mask-on, so you won’t have to remove your mask to take advantage of them.

These services can involve work solely on your eyes, such as tutorials for smokey eyes, party eyes, cat-eyeliner, and a plethora of other options. At the same time, mask-off services can be performed to assist you to create that perfect appearance for a function or a party, including contouring, seamless foundation, nude cosmetic styles, and many others. 

Custom Makeovers 

Upgrade your style and learn new techniques with a 45-minute full-face makeover from one of Sephora’s Beauty Studio Artists for $100, which can be used toward items. Reservations are necessary. Conditions of Use: For $100 (the “Booking fee”), get a quarter-hour makeover from Sephora’s in-store cosmetic treatments menu (the “Makeover”). Customers may only redeem $100 worth of merchandise (after all discounts and incentives have been applied) at the time of their appointment.

The availability of the makeovers and redemption are both subject to change. The Transformation must be scheduled ahead of time. Customers should be advised that if they arrive for an appointment more so than [5] minutes late, Sephora may request that the appointment be rescheduled. The booking charge is not redeemable for gift cards, services, or any other in-store exclusions.

Terms And Conditions For The Makeovers

Customers must be properly vaccinated for the above-mentioned Mask-off services to take advantage of them. Before executing the service, employees at the appointment store will verify the customer’s identity and immunization status. If a consumer is unable to provide proof of complete immunization status, Sephora retains the right service.

In-store safety precautions will be reinforced per COVID-19 Preventive Measures. Masks are still required for Mask-On services during the service. *Fully vaccinated Means 2 weeks after the final vaccination dosage is administered, as evidenced by a valid “vaccinated” status on the customer’s TraceTogether app.

Preparing For A Makeover 

Consider the type of style you want to create and the color palette, brands, or items you wish your Beauty Advisor could use for makeup services. You are welcome to bring images of inspiration to your consultation.

Consider your skincare objectives and what you’d like to concentrate on throughout your visit if you’re getting a facial. You can also offer a photo of your desired brow shape for Waxing services. Coming with just a clean face (no makeup) is desirable but not needed for all sessions.

Client Reviews 

Many folks who have had Sephora cosmetics appointments have said that they had a good time. “Overall, they found the experience helpful,” one reviewer said. However, depending on who performs your makeup, your session can differ significantly. “The most important thing to do is make sure you’re clear about what you like and don’t like,” says another Sephora online forum member.


Sephora is a world-class beauty provider that has a myriad of brands available with them. It offers a 15-minute mini makeover for free. Operating on a high-end budget makes it even easier for one to reach the $100 goal to qualify for a free makeover, that will ultimately make you feel your best self. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Do A Group Session Booking?

Yes, you can do a group session booking but each individual needs to book their appointment separately. 

2. Can I Change Or Upgrade My Service In-Store?

Yes, Sephora allows you to upgrade your service once you get to the store, depending on their availability of the service. 

3. What Is The Qualifying Age To Receive Beauty Services? 

Children under 12 years of age cannot get waxed. All other beauty services have no age restrictions to them. 

Does Sephora Do Makeup For Free?

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