Does Amazon own Walmart? – Read to know

When it comes it purchasing items these stores are one of the stores that top the chart as the best stores. Due to this, there is bound to be competition and questions asked due to their individual success rates. This article explains ‘Does Amazon own Walmart?’.

Does Amazon own Walmart?

Amazon and Walmart are both stores that are topping the charts where one is online and the other physical and therefore raise questions if amazon owns Walmart. Amazon doesn’t own Walmart they are two different stores that are both successful.

What is Amazon? is an American online retail and manufacturing company. Amazon was originally a bookseller, it is a vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, toys, housewares, etc either directly or indirectly as a middle man to other retail stores. Amazon has also made available physical stores as well as the e-commerce platform that it is popularly known for.

Companies owned by Amazon

  1. Whole foods

This company was purchased in 2017 and it is an organic grocery store located in the united states. Items here are reduced for those using Amazon prime.

  1. Zappos

This is a footwear and apparel company that was purchased by Amazon in 2009. 

  1. PillPack Inc

This is an online pharmacy company that was acquired in 2018 which makes it easy for medicine prescriptions to be shipped in the united states.

  1.  Kiva systems

This company was purchased by Amazon and this company deals in creating and making robots that specialize in servicing warehouses.

  1. Twitch Interactive

This company deals with designing and developing application software and gives gamers the ability to stream games and this company was purchased by Amazon.

  1. MGM Holdings Inc 

This is an entertainment company that focuses on the production of films across all platforms and this company was purchased by Amazon.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is an American physical retail store that deals with various items and the store are popularly known for purchasing items at low prices. Walmart is also known to have purchased an e-commerce platform to purchase items as well as its physical stores available in different locations.

Companies owned by Walmart


This company is an e-commerce platform purchased by Walmart to be able to compete with Amazon’s platform. Walmart is known for its physical stores available in different locations but was able to purchase this company which was able to expand its e-commerce net sales.

  1.  Parcel

This is a technology-based delivery company that was purchased by Walmart in 2017 for efficient delivery services for customers when orders are placed.

  1. ShoeBuy

This is also an e-commerce company that was purchased by Walmart in 2016. This company was bought alongside seeing as it was bought by but when was bought it was bought alongside ShoeBuy.

  1. Bonobos

This company is a clothing brand that focuses on meeting customers’ needs and providing the best customer experience.

  1. Moosejaw 

This is one of the companies purchased by Walmart and this company is an online brick and retailer that deals with outdoor apparel for snowboarding, hiking, etc.

Does Amazon own Walmart?

Amazon doesn’t own Walmart in fact both stores have other stores that they own and they are both successful. Both Amazon and Walmart compete with their stores but still, Amazon will not buy Walmart because it is very expensive and it won’t make any sense financially to buy a large company.

Amazon generates its sales as an e-commerce platform while Walmart operates most of its stores physically. Even at that, it has been recorded that Amazon has a physical store called Amazon 4-star stores whereby Walmart operates an e-commerce platform on their website where customers can order items and get them delivered to their doorsteps. To know the comparison between Amazon and Walmart, click here.


The ability for Amazon to own Walmart is slim because they are both successful stores and are competitors also so Amazon purchasing Walmart wouldn’t be financially wise because Amazon is already an established store.

  1. How can I make it easier for customers to find my product on Amazon?

One has to ensure that important information such as author, title, and subject information is correct because this makes it easier for customers to navigate easily on the store.

  1.  How do I promote my titles on

Titles standing out is dependent on you and Amazon has made that easy by using descriptive content and images to promote your title and make customers buy it.

  1. How can I locate Walmart store/store hours?

In order for one to locate any Walmart store around them, one can easily visit the website which is and use the store finder tool.

  1. Why is there a price difference in Walmart stores?

Prices may vary from each store because each store is expected to manage it differently mostly due to the manager’s choice either to reduce items or not. 

Does Amazon own Walmart? – Read to know

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