Does Salvation army move Furniture? – Know more

Everyone wants to reduce the stress of having to move furniture, especially when moving out or when the furniture isn’t needed anymore. This is where the salvation army comes in and makes it easy to move pieces of furniture. So here this article explains ‘Does Salvation army move Furniture?’.

Does Salvation army move Furniture?

The ability to have an organization that helps to move pieces of furniture makes it easy for people because furniture is heavy and bulky which makes it difficult to be moved easily. With the help of the salvation army, moving furniture isn’t a lot of trouble anymore.

Who are the Salvation Army?

The salvation army is a protestant church and charity organization that specializes in providing shelter for the helpless, charity shops, etc.

The salvation army started with William Booth who abandoned his preaching just on the pulpit but wanted to do more and reach out to others to the helpless, homeless, poor on the street of London.

His idea was disagreed and was sent away from the church but William and his wife Catherine started training evangelists throughout England. In 1865 they both returned to the east end of London where they were able to attain a large number of followers to bring lost souls of men and women. Thieves, gamblers, and prostitutes were part of the first set of people they converted who later started giving testimony on the street and winning lost souls.

The name “salvation army” was coined from the word “volunteer army” which William saw in the newspapers. The name salvation army was also the basis or the foundation of the organization.

As the name implies “salvation army” converts were called soldiers of christ now known as salvationists. Their message of Christ spread rapidly so one can find over 131 salvation armies in the world helping people in need.

Services offered by them

There are various services offered by the salvation army to help people in need such services are:

  1. Homelessness service
  2. Alcohol and other drug services 
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs
  4. Aged care services
  5. Chaplaincy 
  6. Disaster recovery and emergency services
  7. Doorways and emergency services 
  8. Employment plus 
  9. Eva Burrows College
  10. Fighting Modern Slavery
  11. International development partnerships
  12. Moneycare
  13. Red Shield Defence Services
  14. Slavos funerals
  15. Youth services
  16. Slavos stores and op shops
  17. Family and domestic violence

Does Salvation Army move furniture?

Yes!! The salvation army moves types of furniture. One can either drop furniture at their doorsteps and will be picked up or the salvation army can also go inside your house to help move the furniture you want to donate.

They also have available drop-off stores where one can drop off items that want to be donated and it will be picked up by the team sent by the salvation army who will move items with a truck. One can also schedule a pick-off online and also the pick service provided is based on the weight of the donated item.

As much as we want to donate items, the salvation army has specific furniture that they accept as well as the ones they don’t accept. The plan is to make more money for the organization so the most accepted items are the ones that will provide the most money.

Unacceptable items at salvation army

  • Salvation Army doesn’t accept items that are damaged or broken and cannot perform their normal function effectively.
  • Salvation Army doesn’t accept items that are ripped or stained because such items are of no benefit to the store as they won’t be able to be sold out.
  • Salvation Army doesn’t accept items that have an odor or pet hair to prevent anyone that purchases it from having any form of allergy.
  • Salvation Army will not accept items that are already outdated or worn out because it will be hard to get such items sold out.

Salvation Army has provided the means of helping people in need, therefore, creating charitable stores to help and making it easy for one to let go of furniture or items not in use anymore but are still of value. They have provided a competent pickup service to move furniture.

  1.  How do I donate to the salvation army?

One can donate by contacting the local donation center or by visiting the website to check out the hours of operation and which items are allowed. Once one drops the donated item they will get a receipt.

  1.  Is the salvation army thrift store open near me?

Each store has its opening time which varies either due to weather consequences or covid.

  1. How do I change my donations? 

One just has to go to the pick-up icon on the website and make a complete change.

  1.  How can I track my pickup?

One can track items when you click on the pickup icon on the website you will get the status of your item.

Does Salvation army move Furniture? – Know more

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