Jamestown Mattress Return Policy-Know More

Introduction To Jamestown

Jamestown is a large company that makes mattresses and box springs of great quality. The Jamestown return policy is to listen to the concern of their customers in case of inconveniences. This return policy is a strictly run one. Here, the Jamestown return policy, the conditions, and even warranty options will be discussed.

Jamestown Mattress Return Policy

Does Jamestown Have A Mattress Return Policy?

Yes. Jamestown has a mattress return policy that comes with a condition. If the buyer is not content with the product or in case the wrong order comes in, they can return the product.

What Does Jamestown Mattress Do?

Jamestown is a manufacturer and retailer of mattresses and box springs. The company sells both wholesale and retail. They deal in making mattresses for the comfort of their customers. Jamestown also deals in making custom-made mattresses.

The company uses high-quality natural latex material for making long-lasting and durable mattresses. These mattresses can be used in the home and outdoors. 

Established in the year 1886, Jamestown is based in the USA with units stretched across Pennsylvania and New York.

The Jamestown Mattress Return Policy

 Return mattresses purchased from Jamestown can only be returned if;

  • the mattress has not been opened or removed from its box
  • the mattress is returned before or on the 30th day.
  • all parts of the product are returned intact and undamaged.

However, Jamestown allows you to return your mattress for readjustment one time within 90 days of purchase. This adjustment deal can only be done once and it is free of charge. To get more information on this, contact Jamestown on their website.

To return a Jamestown product, you have to follow these steps:

  • Start by contacting the customer representative at Jamestown.
  • Receive a Returned Merchandise Authorization number to add to the product’s packaging. Not doing this will lead to a restocking charge of 25%.
  • You can either get an exchange or be refunded within 30 days from the purchase date.

Note that all shipping delivery costs will be paid by the buyer returning the product. This will not be covered by Jamestown. Also, incomplete returned items will warrant billing for the missing parts.

Does Jamestown Mattress Have A Warranty?

Yes. Jamestown has a warranty to cover all damages during the use of its products. The warranty stands for just five years. Warranty on power outlets stands for just a year.

The following conditions must be followed to validate the warranty:

  • The product must be assembled and installed according to the instructions of Jamestown.
  • There must have been no alterations to the body parts of the product.
  • The duration of the warranty commences from the date of purchase.
  • To claim a warranty, the purchase invoice and a written notice must be sent to the manufacturer.
  • The product must not be shipped outside the US continent before claiming the warranty

Jamestown warranty also doesn’t cover:

  • Defects to the lumber.
  • Damages due to accidents during transportation.
  • Bad installation of the product by the buyer.
  • Damages are caused naturally or artificially.

How Do I Get A Mattress Refund From Jamestown?

The buyer can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product. However, they are to pay for the shipping fees. To get a refund;

  • A call must be put through to the Jamestown customer care line at  800-452-0639.
  • The product must be intact while returning it.
  • Make sure you add the purchase invoice or order with the product.
  • The returning shipping fee must be paid before sending the product back.
  • Returns must be made within 30 days from the purchase date.
  • It is important to add the Returned Merchandise Authorization(RMA) number gotten from the customer care to avoid a restocking fee 

After all this, the buyer can get a refund. Note that if you don’t want a refund, you can get an exchange instead.


Jamestown is a brand that focuses on delivering good, durable, and comfortable mattresses made out of organic materials. In case the customer has some complaints or would like to get a refund, that is where the Jamestown return policy comes in. This is a strict return policy that must be adhered to before a refund or exchange can be made. Jamestown also has a warranty to cater and cover certain damages during the normal use of their products. 


Do I get a warranty on any mattress from Jamestown?

Yes. Jamestown has a warranty of five years for damages on its product. The power outlet and its components have a warranty for just a year. To claim the warranty, there are conditions that apply. Visit the Jamestown official website for more information on this.

Can mattresses be exchanged at Jamestown?

Yes, Jamestown allows exchange. After making returns, the mattress can either be exchanged with another one or a complete refund would be made to the buyer.

Jamestown Mattress Return Policy-Know More

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