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Aliexpress is a retail store whose services are done online. It is located in China and is owned by the Alibaba Group. In 2010, the retail store was launched, not only does the store operate in China but also in other countries like Singapore, Canada, Slovakia, South Korea, South Africa, etc. As an online retail store, its services in housewares, clothes, shoes, electronics, etc extend to international buyers. Here we will see ‘Stores Like Aliexpress’.

Stores Like Aliexpress

Stores Like Aliexpress

There are several stores like Aliexpress whose services take place online. For instance, we have;

  • eBay
  • Banggood
  • LightInTheBox
  • DinoDirect China Limited, etc

These online stores all perform the service of meeting customers’ needs and giving maximum satisfaction to their customers respectively. Not only do they permit selling and buying but some of them perform B2B, B2C, and C2C actions.


This store has been in business since 2007, it is based in Hong Kong. On this platform, customer reviews and prices are written alongside the image of each product, unlike Aliexpress where only the prices and sizes are told beneath the product image. LightInTheBox is not a marketplace but just a company that offers its products in clothing and home decors directly to customers. 

One exciting thing about this store is that it allows its customers to make payment only after the customer has received the product which was ordered. Also, buying is not restricted to only the Chinese, and for that reason that the customers find it very genuine, it uses Paypal which is a world-recognized method of the payment transaction.

DinoDirect China Limited

This store originated in Singapore. The product includes clothes for both males and females, gift baskets, homeware, gadgets, toys, etc. It is a cross-border store with customers from more than 200 countries. Its ability to offer good quality products with a good selection has caused it to spread faster than some other online stores. 

The prices are cost-effective and that has caused its customers to stay tuned to the store. The delivery is free worldwide. The store rates 1.7 out of 5 stars from 119 honest reviews after being calculated on


Based in San Jose, California, eBay is another E-commerce store that allows customers to interact with each other. This means that customers can sell goods to each other. Also, wholesalers can buy from other wholesalers and sell to the retailers. This act is known as Business to Business (B2B) and the later Customer to Customer (C2C). Both Aliexpress and eBay are great vendors for E-Commerce but below are some of their slight differences.



Shipping Cost

State of Products
Ali Express
Aliexpress has lower prices and more products at lower rates

Oftentimes, Aliexpress offers free shipping

Most items are newly made and first-hand
At eBay, the prices are higher than Ali express and they vary based on the product purchased

Shipping differs from seller to buyer’s location. Most times, shopping done domestically is freely shipped.

Most items on eBay are second-hand products.


Banggood is another E-Store that was founded in 2006 by Aaron Chen with its HeadQuarters in Guangzhou, China. It is a very popular store which deals in electronics such as phones and accessories, toys, clothing, light and lighting, apparel, etc. Like other online stores, it aims to make life easier for its customers through its Mobile Application download which is rated as the most downloaded Shopping Application in all of Europe. 

One of the most interesting things about Bangooid is that it always manages to get products in pre-sale at really good prices. It has a good rating of 4.61 stars from 123,137 reviews, this shows that most customers are content with their purchases on Banggood.

Other stores like DealExtreme, LightInTheBox, SaleHood, DinoDirect China Limited, Taobao, etc are all great stores like Aliexpress. Just as Aliexpress can facilitate selling to small businesses all around the world and this has kept it in relevance till date, so also are other stores that offer the same services as AliExpress.


What differentiates Aliexpress from other stores is that its uploads are done by only Chinese, although their products are cheaper. It was also the 10th most popular store in Brazil, due to its ability to facilitate selling to small businesses all over the world. Payment is safe as well as deliveries. Same also, it is with other stores like Amazon and DealExtreme where commodities are available to customers and transactions are secured through the means provided by each store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these stores offer coupons?

  • Yes, they all offer coupons at their desired percentage respectively and time.

Which of these stores is more reliable?

  • All stores are reliable, depending on the customer’s desired products and location.

How reliable is Ali Express?

  • Aliexpress is a legitimate company owned by the Alibaba Group, as such, its reliability is very much assured.

What other stores are like Aliexpress?

DealExtreme, Geekbuying, TomTop, LightInTheBox, DinoDirect China Limited, SaleHoo Etc

Stores Like Aliexpress – Know more

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