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A good quality mattress is responsible for elevating your sleeping experience. After a busy day, the one-stop destination is the coziness and comfort of your bed. Purchasing a quality mattress might not be that comfortable. Visiting showrooms, looking for the one that suits you, buying it, returning it all seems exhaustive. Buying a mattress is not that exhaustive anymore. 

Wink Mattress Return Policy

Wink beds’ mattress is ranked number 1 by New York Times Wirecutter. It is the best Mattress For Back Pain, the Top choice Mattress as per the latest recognitions of 2022 by, Architectural Digest, NBC News. Best known luxury mattress in the USA by Forbes, People available at affordable price. If you are looking forward to buying Wink Mattress, you will have an idea all about the return policies and trial period. Read on.

About Wink Mattress

Winkbeds believe “A mattress is the first step towards wellness”. 

Winkbeds aims to elevate its customers’ sleeping experience by ensuring customers’ well-being through the finest quality handcrafted mattresses. These are luxury mattresses available at affordable prices. These mattresses are well-suited for the spine and support all sleeping postures. Winkbeds are known for its services and customer experience. Whether you buy a new mattress or return it, the process is smooth and seamless.

Wink Mattress return policy.

Mattresses are for the comfort of sleeping but buying a mattress might become puzzling and tiresome. Buying a mattress is not easy. It involves multiple visits to showrooms, trials, and sometimes dissatisfaction. Wink eases this process through its return policies. You can buy the mattress online and return it if you don’t like it after a trial, completely hassle-free. Know all about terms and return policies in detail. 

Promised Risk-free 120-night sweet sleep 

Winkbeds offers you a 120 nights trial period to ensure your comfort. Keep the Wink mattress for 120 days, sleep on it to get cozy.

  • Winkbeds offer a minimum of 30 days to use it. 
  • You can place the return if you are not satisfied after using it for 30 days, you can return it hassle-free.

Easy Return process

  • There is a trial period of 120 days.
  • Make sure the mattress suits you and you are comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable with the mattress, let Winkbeds know about it within 120 days of the mattress purchase. 
  • They will arrange the return as soon as possible.

100% Refunds are Easy

Raise easy returns and get a full refund without much wait.

  • Get the total refund (the amount you paid while purchasing the product).
  • Any delivery charges or shipping charges will not be refunded.

Exchanges are easy

  • If the mattress does not suit you or you wish to exchange it for any reason, you can go for it.
  •  Let Winkbeds know your concern, the exchange will be scheduled as fast as possible. 
  • You will get the new product. They will deliver the fresh product and collect the old product from your doorstep.
  • You will get a 60 days trial period for your new(exchange ) mattress so that you can be sure of the comfort.

Fast and Easy pick-up

  •  You can schedule pick up as per your convenient date. 
  • You can get the refund within 5 days of the pick-up of the product.

50% Off Replacement Guarantee “Any Reason”

Winkbeds mattress remains fresh for a lifetime. However, if you wish to get some other design or refresh it after the trial period has ended you can do that. The older mattress will be replaced and you will get the new mattress at 50% retail price.


Winkbeds intends to provide a high-quality sleeping experience at reasonable prices. It offers a wide range of sleeping products from Mattresses, beddings, frames, mattress protectors, best quality sheets, and pillows. You can try the mattress for a maximum of 120 nights and make yourself comfortable and satisfied. Return it if you feel it is not suiting you within 120 days of the trial period. You can contact Winkbeds customer support and they will assist you all about it. They will deliver the new product and pick away the older one. The services provided by them are seamless and user-friendly. To return/exchange or any other query related to the product, Winkbeds customer support is available at 1-855-946-5233/ schedules past pick and provide a 100 % refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress.


Can I get a 120-night trial on two mattresses at the same shipping address?

No, the free trial is limited to one mattress per customer/shipping address/household.

Is there any fee or charges for returning the mattress?

No, there is an extra fee for getting a refund or return. Get the full refund. $49 is charged that covers State mattress /local mattress recycling fees.

Is the original packaging /box required to return/exchange Wink Mattress?

Original box or packaging is not required. You can return it without them. You can use the mattress as you want and ensure comfort for yourself.

Wink Mattress Return Policy-Know More

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