Dollywood First Responder Discount

In this article, we are going to see about Dollywood First Responder Discount. Dollywood is a theme park that is partly owned by Dolly Parton. It is arguably the most visited theme park in Tennessee with over 3 million guests in any given season. The theme park opened in 1961 and has been in successful operation since then. Their seasons of operations usually run from March to January and the major attractions of the theme park are a total of 50 rides and attractions which include roller coasters and water rides.

Dollywood First Responder Discount

Dollywood offers a wide variety of discounts on their attractions – theme park offers, water park offers, resort offers, and cabin offers. The first responder discount at Dollywood is 15% off, which is often changed and has limited validity. Dollywood usually gives this offer when you register and verify your credentials or when you sign up for their emails where they send all valid discounts for Dollywood. 

Dollywood First Responder Discount Eligibility

Most groups of medical professionals are eligible to use this discount as well as those who are categorized as first responders. These include firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, members of law enforcement, medical researchers, technicians, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. All these individuals can use the Dollywood first responder discount using the following simple steps;

  1. Register and log in to a third party website such as SheerID or to verify your identity
  2. One must have identification certificates that display the first and last name, organization name, and status as a first responder
  3. After verification by the third party website, save the unique discount code given
  4. Go to the official Dollywood website and select your choice activity from the selection available
  5. Insert the discount code on the available slot and the discount will be applied to the total amount automatically before making the final payment.

Guidelines on the use of the Dollywood first responder discount

The discount can apply to the use of any available attractions and activities at the theme park. However, the company does reserve the right to change the application of this discount at any time. Currently, the 15% off applies to the purchase of entry tickets to the theme park only. Further, Dollywood has stipulated some guidelines on the use of this discount at the theme park, they include;

  • The first responder discount can only be used for online purchases limited to the official Dollywood site. Once identity verification is done, you must purchase tickets from the official site only and not any other seller.
  • Other policies at Dollywood remain the same even when using the first responder’s discount. For example, if you need your tickets delivered, the Dollywood shipping and delivery policies apply unless there is a change for which the customer will be informed beforehand.
  • The customer is required to read and carefully understand Dollywood policies concerning the use of the first responders discount before using it for any purchases.
  • Customers should feel free to subscribe to the Dollywood newsletter where they publish all available discounts and also unsubscribe if the emails are too many.
  • The customer is free to make a return on tickets purchased using the first responder discount and a full refund of the amount paid will be submitted immediately.

Other ways to save money at Dollywood

The theme park offers – guests can have priority theme park access and unlimited admission as well as free reserved parking.

The water park offers – guests free water park tickets and guaranteed park entry.

The resort offers – guests can get exclusive theme park tickets, save some money if you book your stay early, and enjoy the resort dinner show and theatre packages.

The cabin offers – you can enjoy exclusive theme park tickets, stay 6 nights and get a free night, or stay 2 nights and get one night free. 


The Dollywood first responders discount is there to show appreciation for the work the first responders do and all the sacrifices they make. The 15% discount usually changes with time but it is always there throughout the year. Although this discount cannot be used together with other discounts offered at Dollywood, the theme park has a variety of offers to consider to maximize the benefits of the theme park.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Dollywood have limited activity tickets?

There are no limited activity tickets. Once you buy the entry ticket you can access all the attractions and activities within the theme park.

  1. Where can I find Dollywood discounts?

They are all found on the special offers page on their official site. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Dollywood newsletter where they publish their offers often.

  1. Does Dollywood resort have internet access?

They have a complimentary Wi-Fi network in all common areas like the main lobby, guest rooms, and the pool area.

  1. What are the guest’s privileges while staying at the resort?

There are quite several benefits you will enjoy as a guest here especially using the first responder discount. Read more on the privileges from the official site.

Dollywood First Responder Discount

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