Does Amazon Prime Include Prime Music?- Know More

Amazon is a multinational technology company located in Seattle, Washington, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The amazon prime subscription benefits include streaming and digital benefits such as prime video, prime video channels, Amazon music for Prime members, Amazon music unlimited, prime gaming, amazon photos, and Amazon kids+. In addition, prime membership includes free delivery benefits with no minimum purchase value, shopping with discounts, reading, and other exclusive benefits. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon Prime Include Prime Music?’

Does Amazon Prime Include Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music includes in amazon prime membership with no extra charges. It contains more than two million songs and thousands of podcast episodes. You can listen to them on a device online and store them offline.

Steps To Get Amazon Prime Music

Amazon prime music is a music streaming platform, and the sub-brand falls under Amazon Prime. Prime music streaming is available in thirteen countries worldwide with active 200 million users.

The following are the steps to get Amazon Prime Music:

  • Get an amazon prime account paid membership
  • Download the amazon music app or visit the website
  • Sign in with an amazon prime account
  • Take a tour of the app and website, search and listen to your favorite song and podcast, and make a personalized playlist.

Special Features Of Amazon Prime Music

Two million songs and thousands of podcasts with unlimited skips are available in prime music with thousands of stations and access to top playlists. You may enjoy ad-free music and high-quality audio. Amazon Music provides a download option in the app to listen to offline music and podcast anytime when there are no internet services in a remote area or while traveling by flight.

You can follow favorite artists so that you get notifications on their new releases, create multiple playlists according to your choice, and explore through Amazon music readymade playlist, which gets updated from time to time. Prime Music can interact with Alexa and provide a hands-free listening experience. It also gets accessible on mobile (iOS and android) and desktop browsers.

You may listen to Amazon Music Original, i.e. alternate versions, covers of existing songs, brand-new compositions from artists exclusively released only on the prime music app and website. Finally, it allows you to cancel service at any time.

Latest Subscription Plans Of Amazon Prime To Get Access To Amazon Music

On February 3, 2022, Amazon Prime announced a hike in their prices for their subscription-based membership for regular and discounted students accounts, effective from March 25, 2022. The latest prices are mentioned below for traditional and discounted accounts 

  • Monthly plan: $14.99 
  • Yearly plan: $149

Discounts On Amazon Music 

  1. Amazon prime membership available for students at a discounted price
  • Monthly plan: $ 7.49
  • Yearly plan: $69
  1. EBT and Medicaid recipients in the USA are also eligible for discounts on Amazon prime membership. The recipient can upload the eligibility details on the site to get the discount. The discounted price is 50% of the original cost, i.e. $5.99 per month.

Amazon Music And Amazon Music Unlimited 

Amazon has one more music dedicated platform, Amazon music unlimited, similar to amazon music. It includes all the features covered in Amazon prime music with additional exclusive features. Amazon Music Unlimited is not included in Amazon prime paid subscription, and you have to pay separately for this. It comes with two plans, one at $7.99 per month for amazon prime members and $9.99 for non-prime subscribers.

It contains 60 million ad-free songs with thousands of stations and playlists. Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan can support six devices at a time. If you are a hardcore music person and looking for a more enhanced service, then you can try Amazon Music Unlimited.


Amazon prime music is a great platform for music enthusiasts. It is included in Amazon prime monthly and annual membership without paying additional charges to access the service. You can store songs and podcasts offline and enjoy them in no internet zone. It is also a great option against Spotify and Apple music. All the features they provide at a very affordable cost, and anyone can try this at once with free 30 days trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Amazon Music Available In A Free Trial Account Of Amazon Prime?

A:  Yes, Amazon prime free trial account gives access to Amazon music

  1. Does Prime Music Include In Student Membership Or Other Discounted Membership?

A: Yes. Prime Music gets included in several discounted memberships.

  1. Can I Use The Existing Subscription Plan Of Amazon Prime Music Benefits In Other Countries?

A: No, you have to cancel your subscription and sign up from a new country, given that the service should be available in the new region. You can transfer your account to match your existing account so that only the subscription plan will be changed, and benefits can vary.

Does Amazon Prime Include Prime Music?- Know More

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