What does Kohl’s use for Shipping?

Kohl’s is one of the largest departmental stores in the USA. It deals in clothing, grocery, footwear, bedding, toys, beauty, appliances, etc. Kohl’s has more than 1500 outlets in the USA, and it also operates as an e-commerce company. As e-commerce, Kohl’s has to ship its products to the place of buyers. Generally, retailers partner with shipping companies for this task. So, what does Kohl’s use for shipping?

What does Kohls use for Shipping?

Kohl’s e-commerce uses several shipment partners and companies in shipping its merchandise to customers. It uses FedEx, UPS, USPS, OnTrack, and Deliv. These companies deliver Kohl’s merchandise to its buyers in days, two, five, or more.

Kohl’s Shipping Partners

The following are the shipping partners of Kohls:

  • FedEx

FedEx is one of the most prominent and successful transport and service companies. Kohl’s has partnered with it for its ground and air shipping services. In addition, FedEx aids Kohls in shipping via a number of its services.

The services include FedEx Express service, FedEx SmartPost service, and FedEx Home Delivery. In some services, FedEx also takes the help of USPS locals in delivering the shipping package.

  • UPS (United Parcel Service) 

UPS is another most prominent currier company in the USA. It aids Kohl’s in shipping the packages via UPS air, ground, and postal services. Notably, the postal services of UPS deliver the package to the local USPS location from where USPS delivers the package. The courier service used for delivery depends on the size, weight, and package type.

  • USPS (United States Postal Services) 

US Postal Service is the mail service run by the government of the USA. People and companies use it for delivery all around the USA. USPS provides several shipping options to Kohl’s to ship its products to the customers, including priority mail service, standard mail, and first-class mail service.

  • OnTrac

OnTrac is a shipping company that operates in the western United States. Therefore, Kohl’s uses it only when a standard delivery has to be made in the western USA. 

  • Deliv 

deliv is a start-up company that aims for same-day delivery of packages. Kohl’s also uses deliv many times for one-day delivery. However, delivery is not available in all the states of America. 

Some of these companies are limited to only a few areas. Therefore, Kohl’s has partnered with many firms to cover the maximum area of the country.

Time Taken By Kohl’s For Shipping

Kohl’s can ship your purchases in as soon as one day and can also 10 to 15 days. The time taken for delivery depends on customer preferences, delivery point, and type of merchandise. Normally, Kohl’s offers the following major shipping options- 

  • One-day Delivery

The customer has to choose the one-day delivery option if they want early delivery of their purchases. These delivery costs are extra to the customers.

  • Two-day delivery

Two-day delivery is another choice-based facility provided to customers with extra charges.

  • Standard ground delivery

As of Kohl’s, their standard delivery time is 5 business days.

  • Delivery to Hawaii and Alaska

Shipping products to Hawaii and Alaska take much time due to its geographical location. Here, faster delivery options are also not available. Additionally, they can not deliver some merchandise to these places due to various state-imposed restrictions and risks involved in shipment items.

How Kohl’s Charges for Shipping?

The cost Kohl’s takes from you for shipping your order, depends on the delivery option you chose and the amount of purchase you made. The rate chart of Kohl’s based on delivery time is as follows- 

  • Standard delivery

For purchases less than $74.99, Kohl’s takes $8.95 as a shipping cost. The package costs more than the date is delivered free of cost in standard delivery time by Kohls. 

  • Two-day delivery

For orders costing less than a hundred dollars, Kohl’s charges $19.95 as a shipping charge. While, for orders costing more than a hundred dollars, Kohl’s charges a $9.95 shipping cost. 

  • One-day delivery

For the one-day delivery, Kohl’s takes $29.95 if your package costs less than $100. While if, the cost of purchase raises from $100, Kohl’s reduces the shipping cost to $19.95. 


Several shipping and transport companies aid Kohls in shipping its packages to the customers. Some companies’ services are limited to a particular area like OnTrac and Deliv. At the same time, others have worldwide reach like FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Weight, size, product type, delivery time, and location decide the service be used for shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Track Kohl’s Shipping Service?

Answer: Yes, Kohl’s shipping service could be tracked via any of its partner companies.

  1. What Is The Quickest Way To Receive Kohl’s Orders?

Answer: To receive an order quickly, order the item and choose for in-store pickup. Within two to three hours Kohl’s will prepare your package, if available in their inventory. Then, you can pick it up from your nearest Kohl’s outlet. 

What does Kohl’s use for Shipping?

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