Nightforce Military & Veteran Discount

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Nightforce Optics is a company that deals with products like telescopes sight, spot scopes, accessories related to telescopes or mounting, etc. It was founded in the year 1992. It is based in the United States of America. It has its branches located in Georgia, Lavonia and Idaho, and Orofino. It is located in Orofino and operates from there.

Nightforce Military & Veteran Discount

Yes, it provides discounts to the military and veterans. Nightforce Optics is popular for its discounts which it gives on the sales. It gives discounts to both former and currently active military persons belonging to the reserves or national guards. It also offers discounts to the nation serving law enforcement officers, including firefighters and EMS. They provide discounts on all the products of up to 73 percent off.

Nightforce Discount Programs for the Military and Veterans

Nightforce offers a direct sales program for the military and government, including the law enforcement agencies. It has individual-related discount programs as well.

But the individual discount program is only for the citizens staying in the U.S.Other programs include the veteran, active, Le, Retired FFDO, military, and responders of the first government which includes firefighters and EMS.

All the MIL-SPEC components are used in a military environment, commercial goods have no warranty, but MIL-SPEC riflescopes have a 10-year warranty and are constructed to surpass US MIL-STD 810 F&G for shocks, stress, and immersion. To export, re-export, and transfer or re-transfer these commodities, overseas in the original form or after being merged into one or the other items, a license which is granted by the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls is also required.

Individual Discount Programs

This program is only offered to individuals who live in the United States. This is due to various export rules. It requires approval for the purchases made by the government and agencies such as Light force the USA, Incorporated and DUNS# 111456773 and Cage Code: 1SLF0, which is active in the SAM (System for Award Management) Database as a product of Night force Optics. 

Night Force Optics also provides dedicated MIL-SPEC products that are often used as Defense Articles under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and are accessible for only military units that are not available for individual purchase. The MIL-SPEC riflescopes can be adjusted according to the unique specifications since they have a team of talented working engineers staff.

What is the process of taking part in the discount program?

All the people who work in the MIL, GOV, or Le can claim the discounts offered in the sales program summary have to follow the steps.

Step 1 The discounts are offered after verifying the individuals. Direct support, assistance, and service are offered to the MIL, GOV, and LE individuals.

Step 2 There is a provision for providing formal quotations for the products. Nightforce asks for some of the details like agencies and individuals having to fill out the individual discount program application form for discounts.

Step 3 After the verification process is complete, additional information related to orders, pricing, and some guidelines is also asked. 

Step 4 The pricing information remains confidential, along with the other information, till the qualifying procedure gets completed. No details are shared or disclosed in public.

For individuals who want to contact Night Force for the discounts, they need to follow the steps given below.

  • Write a mail-in this id:
  • In the subject line, add the term ‘individual purchase request.’
  • Include the personal email address or the mail id in the CC you want to use for future communication.
  • Include a valid proof of identification (retired/veteran).
  • Provide a brief description of the products and the rifle system. For assistance in optics or mountings in the future.


Nightforce Optics is one of the leading brands which supply telescopic and other equipment. It also provides assistance and mounting solutions for the lens, optics, etc. It is an American-based company and provides some discounts to military and veteran individuals. All of them whether they are currently in service or retired can avail themselves of the discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How good are Nightforce scopes?

Ans. Nightforce is one of the brands for its opticals. It has high quality and top rank products. They are the strongest and have one of the best ergonomics. All the products are designed in a precise, accurate way. And work correctly, especially for long distances.

Q.2) What nightscope does the military use?

Ans. Military uses MIL-SPEC ATACR 1-8*24 F1. It is a highly engineered and top-grade product designed for military use. 

Q.3) How does the company ensure that there is no misuse of its policies?

Ans. There are two ways through which they ensure this;

  • They have stringent policies and strict checking to avoid any misuse.
  • They verify the qualification and require valid id proof.
Nightforce Military & Veteran Discount

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