Geico Customer Service – How Do They Help?

GEICO or the Government Employees Insurance Company is a private automobile insurance company. It is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The company primarily offers automobile insurance, and Private Passenger vehicle insurance is the most popular program that it offers. Nevertheless, it is not only confined to the ‘Private Passenger automobile’ exclusively, but it also offers motorcycle, ATN, R V and Boat insurance, mobile home insurance, homeowners, renters, flood insurance, and jewelry insurance among others. Let us here know about ‘Geico Customer Service’.

Geico Customer Service

Geico Customer Service

GEICO customer service can be reached 24/7 at (800) 841-2964. They could also be reached out online or through GEICO mobile applications. Customer service at GEICO is much more categorical and convenient than what is mentioned above. At GEICO, they have a wide range of customer service options available depending on your concern. 

Below mentioned are some of the categories that could be accessed depending upon a particular concern:

  • COVID-19 & Giveback
  • Policy change/question
  • Claim status/question
  • Insurance product/question
  • Technical issues with GEICO
  • Security/privacy on GEICO
  • Your experience with GEICO
  • Opt-out of marketing communications
  • Business (B2B) relationships with the GEICO
  • GEICO app for mobile devices

Getting the Insurance

Getting the insurance at GEICO is very easy, personalized, and could be done just by a few clicks on your screen. E.g., if you need your car to get insured at GEICO, all you need are:

  • A driver’s license
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The address where you store your car

How to cancel the insurance policy at GEICO?

If you want to cancel your policy at GEICO, it is super easy and they do not even charge you a penny in the name of the cancellation fee. All you need is to call their customer care number (800) 841-1587, depending upon who receives your call an agent or the Interactive Voice Response. In the former case, you can ask the customer care agent to cancel your insurance and with the IVR, you need to say, “cancel insurance policy” and “auto” after that. You may also be asked to share your policy number after that, therefore, be ready with it. And you are done with cancelling your insurance policy at GEICO.

Claim and Recovery at GEICO

At GEICO, to get your insurance money back you need to register a claim foremostly. It can be done through their mobile app very easily. Once you successfully report your claim they appoint a liability examiner who investigates the incident thoroughly. He/She will then contact both the parties that are involved and would register statements and would go in-depth on the same, analyze and review the report made by the police and lawyers, and also examine the photograph of the accident place. In the end, based upon the facts available he/she prepares their report, based upon which the next step towards the recovery is processed.

The recovery process begins with the appointment of a new examiner called the ‘Payment Recovery Examiner’, who would then initiate the recovery process by contacting the other person’s insurance company, who would then pay for their damage. The recovery process, however, takes time mostly because another person may not have had any insurance policy but at GEICO, they promise to put in every effort to get the maximum possible recovery of your loss.


Based on the information provided above in the article, one thing is quite sure and that is if you are someone who is not at fault, rest assured you can take the sigh of relief, your work would be carried forward by the employees at GEICO. This seems more believable when you have such wide and categorical sections of customer service based on your concern.


Q.1. How do I get a discount on car insurance?

A. If you fall under the category of their discount audiences like the army officer, a student, or a federal employee, you are already qualified for a good chunk of discount. However, if you do not fall under these categories, you can review the existing insurance coverages of your car and can literally kind of get a customized insurance policy for your car.

Q.2. How do I track my claim?

A. You can track your claim very easily at GEICO, by just using your GEICO mobile application. You can also access your claims at the GEICO Claims Express page for a fast and secure process. All you need is your claim number to get started here.

Q.3. What are the ways to make payments at GEICO?
A. GEICO Express Service would provide you with a hassle-free payment option without any need for login credentials at the website. The payment could also be done through the GEICO mobile application.

Q.4. How can I get my ID card from GEICO?
A. A digital ID card is available online at the mobile application of GEICO or by visiting at through the GEICO mobile application, you can even store your ID card in your Apple Wallet.

Geico Customer Service – How Do They Help?

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