Lost my USPS tracking number- What to Do?

The United States postal service is a government-owned entity that has been providing postal services to almost all states in the US as well as its associated areas. Unlike other government-owned agencies, the United States postal service is considered reliable and swift. They have good customer care service. Let us understand how they would solve the issue of loss of package tracking numbers. The topic is What to do if Lost my USPS tracking number?

Lost my USPS tracking number


The United States postal services were formed as an independent agency owned by the federal government of the United States of America. Since its inception on 1st July 1971, they have provided decent postal services. 

After providing almost five decades of mail services and multiple competitors like FEDEX, DHL, the citizens of the United States, especially the mid-’30s age group and onwards, prefer to use the USPS services over other mailing agencies.

The United States Postal Services, do not maintain a record of its tracking numbers. The only two ways to find out a tracking number of a package are the receipt that is given and the one on the package. 

The receiver of the package should intimate the sender about the time estimate by which they will receive the package in case the tracking number is lost. 

Although all packages do not come with a tracking number, first-class mail which includes small envelopes, small packages which do not cross 15.99 ounces, and postcards, do not come with a tracking number.

Where do I find the USPS tracking number?

The main places where you can find your USPS tracking number are as follow:

  • The receipt which you get when you find to send out the mail. The USPS provides only a single copy of this and no duplicates are allowed.
  • Online receipt, especially if you have ordered off sites like eBay. This is one foolproof way to save your tracking number. 
  • Scanning the barcode below the mailed item is an underrated way to find out your tracking number. 
  • Self-service kiosks are another way to find out your tracking number via an eReceipt.

However, if you did not receive a tracking number in the first place, it could be because the mail service which was opted for did not come with a tracking number in the first place, like first-class mail services (postcards, small envelopes, etc.)

How to find a lost USPS tracking number?  

After the receipt (physical and online), has been issued, the post office does not have any other duplicate receipt nor does it maintain a record of the receipt issues. There is no way to get another physical copy of your receipt which contains the tracking number. 

Although, the beauty of e-receipts stores the data in the computer efficiently which is not that worrisome. you can dig into your online database or computer storage and recover the tracking number quite easily. 

A secret way or rather an unknown way of finding the tracking number is the barcode scanner which everyone tends to ignore or forget about. The barcode scanner is usually placed on the mailed item and scanning it will help you retrieve your USPS tracking number.

Informed Delivery 

Losing a tracking number can be hard and retrieving it can be even harder. A long-term precaution that can be helpful to make sure this does not happen is subscribing to the informed delivery system offered by the United States Postal Service.

The informed delivery system is an efficient and effective way to survey incoming ways via a digital system. It allows you to view the main yet to be received in a series of greyscale images which has been run through the barcode scanner in one central online medium.

Subscribing to the informed delivery system is relatively easy, all you need to do is:

  • Create an account on the USPS’s official website. 
  • A verification process to make sure you are a resident of the United States is necessary 
  • Make sure you switch on the notifications to your expected mail on whatever device you are using currently.

Benefits of Informed delivery 

  • The informed delivery system is a safe way to preview your mail on a single online dashboard 
  • Rescheduling the receipt of packages or mails is an important benefit offered only via the informed delivery system 
  • Important packages and mails can be tracked easily and efficiently.
  • If your tracking number is lost, then it can be easily available on the online dashboard 
  • Leaving out delivery instructions due to certain circumstances can also be a fair advantage.

The informed delivery offered by the USPS is one system that should be taken advantage of due to its numerous benefits and easy sign-up. It is considered extremely simple to use. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device to use it.


The United States Postal Services is one of the few government-controlled independent agencies which rivals those postal agencies that are privately owned. It is cost-effective and with the advent of the informed delivery system, it has only become better at the postal service game. 

Although there are a few issues such as not delivering on the expected date, and delivery to the wrong address, the USPS has taken up the criticism well and is attracting more users than ever. It has delivered 160 billion packages in 2019 alone and has up to 10 million users a day.


1. How can I talk to USPS customer service?

The toll-free number 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) directly connects you to the USPS customer service where you have to select the required language option (pressing 2) which will direct you to the customer representative

2. How long can the package stay in transit? 

   The package can stay in transit for 2-10 business days domestically while international shipping takes about 28 business days. 

Lost my USPS tracking number- What to Do?

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