Does Lululemon Do Alterations?

Have you ever wondered, Does Lululemon Do Alterations? To read further! With a reputation as a luxurious athleticwear brand, Lululemon (Lululemon Athletica, as it is formally known) is one of the biggest brands for athleisure in the world today. With a clientele that is willing to part with a small fortune to own even just one product from this beloved fitness clothing line, this Canadian-American brand sells all its products exclusively through its own stores or its website portal. 

Does Lululemon Do Alterations?

While some are quite privileged enough to replace their joggers or tops the moment they are even the slightest bit worn out, most prefer to have their clothes altered to fit them at any time. And if you’re dealing with clothes and products that are as expensive as Lululemon, you’d probably prefer to have them altered too- to make sure the whole is comparatively smaller in your purse.

Does Lululemon Do Alterations?

The answer is yes. Lululemon does provide alterations services to all its clients. But this is a company that sells athleisure at a heavy price. Ever wondered why their products are priced that heavily, such that you’d much rather alter than buy new?

Why is Lululemon Expensive?

Just like every other luxury clothing brand, Lululemon also has its reasons for the high pricing and huge amount of buzz surrounding its products. A big factor that influences their sky-high pricing is the high manufacturing cost itself- Some very expensive machines are used and the fabric for the product is developed using some cutting-edge techniques. The products finally go through some rigorous testing and as claimed by their VP, the company runs around 15 tests on each product to ensure consistency in the high quality of their products. When we talk about this, let’s also consider the cost of the manpower required to facilitate production as well.

Another reason to be attributed to their pricing is the kind of money that goes into researching, developing and ensuring the evolution of their products to the ever-changing consumer taste. Their Whitespace Lab in Canada is dedicated to research and finding out the best possible ways to improve on their products- of course, the researchers will have to be paid too, alongside the money being poured into the research equipment itself.

Let’s also consider the fact that Lululemon sells its products only through its own retail stores and its website- the cost of maintaining both is herculean and it clearly reflects in their product pricing. There’s also the amount of money that goes into marketing their stuff- hiring the influencers that they do does not come cheap. Now with all this being said, you now know why Lululemon costs a bomb for their products. Makes a whole lot of sense to have your clothes altered, then to replace them- even if you would like to, their limited production strategy ensures that you’re less likely to get the same looking pants/tops ever again. 

So, moving on to the much-needed alteration services.

Lululemon’s Alteration Services

Lululemon provides hemming services for free at all their retail stores! They won’t ask you any questions, they don’t ask you for tags and they do not require you to show a receipt either! How cool is that? To have your Lululemon pants/tops altered, all you need to do is go to your nearest Lululemon store.

Now that you’ve found a store to go to, you’ll get there and meet the tailoring team. They’d ask you to put on your top and they’ll pin it where you need it to be hemmed. After that, you can leave your beloved clothes with them for a few days- 3 to 4 days at max and then pick them up by producing the receipt you’ll have received while giving your clothes for hemming! It’s that simple!

Also, to make your alteration experience more convenient than it already is- Lululemon suggests that the clothes you’re bringing in be clean and dry. They also ask you to bring the shoes that you’d ideally wear while wearing their product, so that they don’t miss out on giving your pants the proper length required! Lululemon are also careful about hemming tops- they let you know up front that they might not be able to alter tops with special twists like their cuffs, thumbholes or pants with zippers. So be mindful of that too!


If you’ve got a pair of lululemon joggers or a top or a jacket that you really don’t want to replace, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about! Their hassle-free alteration policy ensures that you can swing by your nearest store and have it altered at any point in time! So, if you’ve Lululemon products that you just really love or were gifted to you that you don’t want to part with, then their alteration team is there to sort it out for you!

Does Lululemon Do Alterations?

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