My Green Mattress Return policy

Return Policy is the rule merchants established to manage the process by which customers can return or exchange defective or unwanted merchandise. Let’s know about My green mattress return policy.

My Green Mattress Return policy

My Green Mattress- It is a family-owned business that makes eco-friendly and certified organic mattresses.


If one wants to promote healthy sleep habits, it is the best time to avoid toxins from one bedroom by buying the best quality mattress as many mattresses are made from polyurethane foam which is not only harmful to one health but it also releases toxic gases into the air leading to suffocation and here only My Green Mattress comes to picture.

My Green Mattress was made in the need of urgency by its mattress craftsmen, Tim Masters, whose daughter suffered from eczema, and to avoid the unhealthy and environmental allergies, Mr. Tim came with My Green Mattress.

My Green Mattress Return Policy

Mattresses are a long-term investment in comfort and health. Good Mattresses doesn’t only promise to give sweet sleep but it also gives a healthy back which become a necessity in the world of desk-job.

To save the day with a good mattress, My Green Mattress comes to one’s mind. My Green Mattress doesn’t only give good sleep but it also gives a 120 Night Sleep Trial and still, if one doesn’t get satisfied with the mattress, one can return it and the My Green Mattress return policy is one of the best for its customers as:

  • If not satisfied with the mattress, one can contact to initiate a return of the mattress
  • Can donate to a reputable charity
  • In the worst-case scenario, by disposing or throwing away the mattress.

What are the proofs required to return a Mattress?

The proofs required are:

  • The mattress should be donated to a reputable charity
  • Proof of donation should be there. For instance: A receipt and a photo 
  • To send proof that one has disposed of the mattress.

Limitations of My Green Mattress return policy

Like any other wholesalers, retailers, or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc, My Green Mattress also has some limitations while returning its mattress and some of them are:

  1. The mattress can be returned only if, bought directly from My Green Mattress
  1. Mattress cover must be clean with no stains
  2. There should be no damage to the mattress
  3. A mattress should be protected with a mattress protector
  1. If one lives outside of the contagious states, for instance: Alaska and Hawaii, one needs to pay for the shipping charges and they are non-refundable
  1. Exchanges are limited to one per household
  1. If one purchases the same size of a mattress a second time, the second purchase becomes ineligible for the return policy
  1. Custom designed or custom firmness level mattresses are ineligible for return or exchanges.

Kinds of Mattresses and their Price

      Types of Mattresses                   Price
Hybrid Mattresses

Natural Escape Mattress

Kiwi Mattress

Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress



Spring Free Mattresses     Hope Latex Mattress
Latex Free Mattress          Pure Echo Mattress
Just for Baby Mattress      Emily Organic Crib Mattress 

Accessories offered by My Green Mattress

  • My Green Platform Bed
  • Organic Cotton Sheet Set
  • Organic Latex Topper
  • Organic Cotton Protector
  • Charcoal Infused Organic Latex Pillow

How to contact the My Green Mattress?

Many times, customers fail to understand the return policy and then there arises a need for a physical visit to the store itself or to seek help from the store representative, My Green Mattress provides its best services to its customers to ease the problems by giving access to its different contact methods and they are:

Method 1- By using the Chat Button

How to use the Chat Button?

STEP 1- Visit the official website of My Green Mattress i.e.

STEP 2- Click on Contact Us from the below-given options at the end of the page

STEP 3- Click on the icon of Chat

STEP 4- Type the message and start solving the problem.

Method 2- By calling on (708) 246-2224

Method 3- By visiting the Showroom at the address

                          My Green Mattress

                          1519 W.55th Street

                          LaGrange, IL 60525.

Method 4- By sending an email to


My Green Mattress doesn’t only make eco-friendly, certified organic mattresses but their mattresses offer sleeping solutions for adults, kids, etc, with some sensibilities or allergies to make the sleeping environment the healthiest to a possible extent. Also, My Green Mattress provides $100 to save on all twin mattresses and larger ones by using code: GREEN100 which not only makes it pocket-friendly to its consumers but also helps in maintaining a sustainable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- What type of cotton is used by My Green Mattress?

Answer- GOTS certified organic cotton

Question 2- Are the mattresses of My Green certified by GREENGUARD Gold?

Answer- Yes

Question 3- Are there any chemical flame retardants used by My Green Mattress?

Answer- No

Question 4- For how many days does My Green Mattress provides a free trial?

Answer- For 120 days

Question 5- Do all the mattresses go to charitable organizations?

Answer- Yes, almost every returned mattress goes to charitable organizations like church groups, homeless shelters, etc.

My Green Mattress Return policy

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