DirecTV First Responder Discount


Based in California, Directv is a digital satellite service provider famous in the United States for providing best-in-class content since 1994. It includes a lot of TV plans and packages to choose from. Apart from TV plans, you also get phone plans and internet plans and that too at a reasonable price. Directv offers various bundle packages which include TV, phone, and internet plan to provide uninterrupted entertainment, calling, and high-speed internet. Let’s know about DirecTV First Responder Discount.

DirecTV First Responder Discount 

Who are First Responders?

Police officers, EMTs, and firefighters are typically the first responders. While on patrol, police officers may be obliged to respond to emergency calls, which may include performing CPR or first aid, securing a crime scene, or detaining criminals.

Is There a Discount for First Responders on Directv?

Directv is delighted to provide an additional discount to First Responders in recognition of their dedication. First Responders receive a 15% discount on DirecTV. If you want to know about the current DirecTV First Responder Discount, you should become a member and subscribe to their daily newsletters and emails or you can visit the page from time to time because the latest DirecTV First Responder Discount changes from time to time.

How Do I Get a Discount On Directv For First Responders?

Your identification must first be verified by a third-party collaboration platform such as SheerID. You are eligible for coupons after confirmation. Then go to or our page to get a DirecTV First Responder Discount. After being verified as a first responder, you can get a discount.

What exactly is SheerID?

SheerID is a fraud-prevention tool that allows businesses to quickly verify a person’s identity. As a result, if you register and verify as a first responder with SheerID, you will be eligible for first responder discounts at a variety of brands.

How to use SheerID to avail of exciting discounts as a First Responder?

SheerID as we discussed is a site that verifies your current status whether you are a student, military personnel, or a first responder. If you wish to get exciting discounts due to your status, then you must create an account on SheerID. Follow the steps below to get started: –

  • Go to the official website of SheerID
  • Go to the “Sign Up” option to start creating your account
  • Enter all the necessary details like your name, address, country, etc
  • Now choose your status as “First responder” and continue
  • Now the page will ask you to upload the necessary documents to verify your status.
  • Upload your ID and other credentials and finish the process
  • Now you wait for some time. You will get a message or an email that your status has been verified
  • After that, you can get discounts through SheerID at many brands and companies including Directv and many others


Directv is an American digital satellite service providing people with nonstop content on their TV screens. Directv has a bunch of packages to choose from and you can save a few bucks by using your status. Being a First Responder is a tough job and DirecTV salutes the first responders for the work they do. DirecTV offers discounts to First responders. First, responders must verify themselves on a third-party service platform like SheerID As a result, you must have a document that proves your first and last names, the name of your organization, and your position as a First Responder. After the verification is done, you can enjoy a discount of up to 15%.

Q1 What exactly is DIRECTV and how does it function?

In the United States, DIRECTV is a satellite television company. It works by sending signals through satellite to clients’ homes. The satellite dishes that customers will need to install are provided to them. Satellites that transmit television signals orbit in space above the places where they are broadcast.

Q2 What Is the Directv Student Discount and how to get it?

Because you are a student or an educator, you can get a 75 percent discount on Directv.  You must create a new account on a third-party website like SheerID or Myunidays and provide your student credential to receive the Student Discount for your products at Directv also offers phone and online chat options for signing up and verifying your account. Your student id will be used as a coupon to redeem the discount after the verification is completed.

Q3 How many channels does each DIRECTV bundle include?

In DIRECTV packages, the number of channels accessible varies. The number of channels offered in each DIRECTV plan is as follows:

  • ULTIMATE – 250+ channels to pick from 
  • CHOICE – 185+ channels to choose from
  • PREMIER – includes over 330 channels
  • 235+ channels on XTRA

You can pick the package that best suits your needs and start viewing your favorite shows.

DirecTV First Responder Discount

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