Can I Use My Petland Credit Card Anywhere?

If you are in search of the perfect pet to keep you company, this article is for you! If you are in the West, you probably have heard of Petland- a company that sells domestic animals that can be kept as pets. It is, in fact, the only pet retail store chain in the United Nations of America. Read this article to know about Can I Use My Petland Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I Use My Petland Credit Card Anywhere?

Petland is the largest retailer of dogs and even puppies in the United Nations of America, despite facing several allegations of negative handling and care of these animals. It has approximately 131 brick and mortar stores spanning across America, and another 63 stores in foreign markets such as Brazil, China, Canada, Japan among others. This article will cover an introduction to the company and its ethics, its shopping and payment process and whether or not you can use their Petland credit cards anywhere. Read on to know more.

An introduction to petland

Petland is an American international pet retail store chain founded back in 1967 in Ohio by Edward R. Kunzelman. It is currently headquartered in the same place it was founded, that is, Ohio in the United Nations of America. Petland’s product range includes dogs and cats, small and pet-safe animals, and fish, along with their food supplies and toys. Unfortunately, it is also the largest retailer of puppy mill dogs.

What is a puppy mill dog?

A puppy mill dog is a dog that has been bred quickly and in devastating conditions, generally violating animal care guidelines.

How to shop from petland?

First, you would want to check out what animals they offer on sale at

Petland offers both online and offline retail services, so you do not necessarily need a Petland retail branch near you if you are looking to shop from them. You simply want to visit their website linked above, browse through the breeds and different animals on their page, and place your order. 

If you want to shop the traditional way, just make a visit to your nearest Petland store and look for your gender and breed preference (if you have any) and the employees will guide you throughout. Petland claims to sell only vaccinated or disease-free, healthy animals but it has often been observed otherwise. 


Criticism faced by petland

Petland has time and again been blamed for committing the following atrocities on their animals:

  1. Of selling sick animals- riddled with infections and seizures among others- to their customers who have had to spend hundreds of dollars on improving the health of their newly bought/adopted pets!
  1. Investigators found dead animals in Petland’s freezers, and claims have been made that it lets animals just die instead of seeking a vet’s help.

For more details, head over to 

Petland’s payment methods:

You can make your Petland Credit Card payments either online or through their payment call number. Some branches also accept Bitcoins!

ONLINE MODE: Log on to and from then on, it is pretty self-explanatory. THROUGH CALLS: (866) 499-4761 is the number you want to call if you want to make a payment through calls, although you must have either your card number or social security number ready.

What is a petland credit card?

The Petland Credit Card is the credit card through which you can pay all your Petland bills. You must have a credit score of 640 to be eligible for the Petland credit card. It has an interest of 29.99% rate. To register and for more details, head over to   

Where can you use the petland credit card?

You cannot use your Petland credit card anywhere else other than Petland retail stores all over the nation. 


Petland is the largest retailer of pets in the international market and is providing more and more people with their beloved pets every day. Although there are several claims against the ethics followed at their store, backed up by even their employees, so you want to be thorough with your research before you make a purchase. The only way to pay at Petland is through its credit card that cannot be used anywhere else except Petland stores.


1.Can I pay my Petland credit card in-store?

Unfortunately, you can’t pay your Petland Credit Card bill in a Petland store. 

2.What bank does Petland use?

Petland uses Comenity bank. 

3.What is the cheapest dog to buy/maintain?

Chihuahuas are very affordable to buy and maintain.

4. Why are pets from pet stores more expensive than those of shelters or breeders?

Pet stores are a money-minded business institution and therefore try to sell their animals for as high as they can, plus their animals are more in need of extreme care and trips to the vet.

Can I Use My Petland Credit Card Anywhere?

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